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Tuesday, 8 April 2008 needle felting.
I was going to post a shop feature tonight but I seem to be having issues accessing my file with the info, so instead I am going to show off my very first needle felted bowl.
First, let me say, holy needle jabs! This baby was one heck of a lot of work!
I made the bowl (the natural colour) with corriedale and I really like the way it works. It is felted tightly but with a bit of spongy softness so that you just want to touch it! The embellishments are made with a combo of merino and other wools. I also played around with needle gauges and star/ triangle points to get a feel for the various tools.
I hadn't planned to make a rowan bowl, but it begged me! I am still uindecided if I will list it or keep it. I really love it.
I am so glad all of my little felties went to a nice shop this past weekend so Andy will stop looking at me with that 'you should be painting something' look when I felt instead of work on new clothing designs!
The bowl is approximately 2" high and 3" in diameter at the base, 4" at the top.


Margins. said...

I love love LOVE felt bowls!

Um...wait...did you say this is your 1st one?! That is truly amazing. Seriously. The detail

Nice work! I really mean it.

Unknown said...

Thank you, I appreciate your kind words.

XUE said...

Beautiful work for a first project!

Rachel said...

The felt bowl is PRECIOUS!

kneek said...

The embellishments are fantastic! I love the branch and berries. Keep this one - it is too precious to sell.

Unknown said...

These are just so lovely, I've never seen anything like before. You should probably keep this one but make lots more.......

Amanda said...

wow those bowls are adorable and so very unique!!! Great job.

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