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Wednesday, 2 April 2008
Mr. Dressup~ that silly, gentle man with his Tickle Trunk and collection of crazy puppets ~if you grew up in Canada, you know who I mean!
I have been thinking about him lately. As I scan through unwatchable television for children, I long for the slow paced, frugal crafting, dress up and imagine play of Mr. Dressup~ a staple of my childhood, and given its running time, of many children in several generations in Canada. I think I may have to hook myself up with some DVDs. Or, er, my daughter!
Comedian Jeremy Hotz does a hilarious bit about Mr. Dressup and the Friendly Giant (another staple!) which comments on the weirdness of Casey never moving his mouth but talking non-stop, while Finnegan moves his mouth without ever uttering a sound. I couldn't find it online, so you'll just have to believe me LOL. His comment on the giraffe continually sticking his head in Friendly's window? Get a screen!
Don't know what on earth I am talking about?!
Here is a sample of Mr. Dressup ~ with his Wise Old Owl painting which helpfully wakes up to answer his questions with a sleepy 'To wit! To woo!'
My new little owl is named 'To Woo' in honour of this gentle man and many happy memories.


tatsuko said...

Thank-you for this!!! Mr.Dressup was part of my morning routine - 10:15 Friendly Giant, 10:30 Mr.Dressup, 11am Sesame Street ☺

Do you remember this one: Mr.Dressup's friend, Toby, came over with a microscope, and tried to show Casey how to look into it; she told him to close one eye and look with the other, heee! Casey obviously couldn't close his eye, so he tried to throw his short little arm over it. Too funny.

thanks again! *off to look at more clips on youtube*

Unknown said...

LOL I don't remember that specifically but Casey certainly had his limitations!

Anonymous said...

I had the same morning routine, and established my own Tickle Trunk which was not quite as magical, but good for hours of play nonetheless.

I met Ernie Coombs whilst he was on tour in the 90's. He was just as warm and kind to a strange young woman who admired him as he had always been on his show. He is missed.

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