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Thursday, 3 April 2008
I met yesterday with the local small business resource person and had a good meeting about how to maximize my business within my time constraints (having a full time job, child, husband etc) and goals (not to lose money! OK, maybe to make some, too!).

A few things emerged:
1) I need to do my book-keeping, or pay someone else to do it. I think she thinks I am an artsy type absorbed in my art, but in fact I am a super Type A procrastinator perfectionist who has made a very conscious choice to *be* artsy-fartsy for this part of my life. To move where the spirit blows and to do what makes me happy. So I think I'll pay a bookkeeper for all that I'll need because I am enjoying being a free spirit LOL.
2) I should meet with a shipping specialist (who knew there were shipping specialists?!)
3) I should explore printing processes which may allow me to print reproductions of my painted work on clothing for a lower price point product which may open up wholesale opportunities. Meanwhile, continue to sell 'originals' as such. Bears looking into ~ I just have a hard time seeing the work as real art when I know it is going to a toddler to smear cupcakes and snot all over it (which is cool with me, I love that!).

The discussion also made me more aware of needing to manage better: online time; new product/ vs. order filling time; and to return to the practice of goal setting.

Gosh, that all seems, so, well, me.
And I am kind of enjoying the vacation from all that organization!


Rosebud Collection said...

I think goals, organization are wonderful..just wish I could keep at it..somehow I have the best intentions and out the window they go. You will do well, I am sure.

spaz said...

ahh, goal setting.... that's a goal of mine - to back to goal's so hard sometimes, isn't it?

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