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Thursday, 8 May 2008
Robin is another one of our very talented Canadians active on Hyena Cart and in the world of
natural family products. She makes the most lush looking lovely cloth diapers. Her specialty is
fitteds and the Nocturne is her signature product at her shop: Tush.

Robin is active in stocking her products both on line and in her local community. One of her pet
projects right now is a cloth diapering educational program in her local area.

She is inspired by color~ in nature, on fabric, wherever she finds it. And by her children’s simple
creativity which is fueled by the desire to create for the joy of it.
While Robin admits she hates putting snaps on diapers, she loves her business! Meeting
customers and working in advocacy and education for cloth.

Like most crafters, Robin has turned her hands to many skills but says she’d like to learn some
papercrafting in order to do something creative with the mounds of photos of her children. I
know the feeling (except my mounds are still on the computer! Yikes!).

To check out Robin’s work you can visit her website & blog.


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