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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Thursday, 15 May 2008
With my recent surgery, and looking forward to some new clothes for the first time in FOREVER *and* no longer having cleavage up to my chin (sorry for the visual!) I have splurged and bought myself some new pretties on Etsy, thinking I can show them off a little better now. Click on the pics for their full description and the seller's shop.

I am a sucker for a cool pendant and found these to celebrate:
From La Mia Casa ~ I love the colors in these houses from Prague (above).
From Adorapop ~ this monkey tea party pendant is for Rowan and I to share.
From Sea Glass Designs ~a gorgeous sea glass necklace, I love sea glass like crazy and this one just called to me with its very unusual folds (and the bit of sand still clinging to it from a Cape Breton beach.

And of course I didn't want my sea glass to be lonely, so I had to find some earrings (from the lake of my childhood summer camp, no less!)~ these are from Sunshine Sketches.

And finally (yes, I went a little crazy!) I bought some earrings from my favourite Etsy earring maker~ I have two pairs now and I adore them and wear one or the other almost daily! These squares called out to me, and I also picked up an amethyst colored pair~ the hand hammered hooks are the best. Lili Koi Design
is wonderful!

And all this from/ for a woman who really doesn't wear jewelry, make up or dress up! But I am a bit of a magpie and I just felt like sprucing myself up a bit... go big or go home, huh?


Moonchild Dancing! said...

Lovely splurge! I love sea glass. My Mom is from Cape Breton NS. I'd love to get some sea glass from there also! So pretty.

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