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Saturday, 17 May 2008
I rarely share my 'other' life in my blog. Simply because it is my other life and I try to separate my business from my vocation for numerous reasons.
But today I wanted to share my sense of awe and honour that I experience when I am in my professional role as an ordained minister (13 years in ministry).

Today I lead the funeral service for a simply lovely and gracious woman who lost a brief battle with cancer, much to the shock and sorrow of the community. In many ways, after 13 years, leading a funeral can become just another function (you know, put the 'fun' back in funeral~ bad! bad!). I work hard to stay engaged, and honestly feel that a funeral is the richest time for ministry that a minister can experience ~ to reach out and speak to the congregation and community a word of hope. And no matter how tired, distracted, or otherwise disengaged I may become, there is always a moment when I am fully present and fully cognizant of the deep honour I am given in my role.

At the end of most services there comes the time of escorting the coffin/urn from the sanctuary. By dint of my role, I am asked to lead. To take that last walk from public space and gathering with the deceased and to stand over as they are placed in the coach. Or to lead the procession to the grave and say the words. And today as I lead the way for Grace, I was overcome by the gift given to me, to be so close at this holy time, even as I am welcomed into homes and hospital rooms, to the side of the dying or to hold a new baby for baptism. It is a perspective, a place, few people experience and today I was reminded of the honour and the responsibility that go with it, once more as I stood roadside while the remains of this woman were placed gently out of sight and away.

It is a gift to see and touch and feel the preciousness of life, beginning and end and beginning again. And to know that it is holy.


T.Allen said...

What a well written poignant post. You do truly have a very special role in the circle of life, thanks.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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