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Thursday, 29 May 2008
Go big or go home.
I always say.
And then I do the math!
I have subscriptions for 12 needle felted Nativity sets + animals.
That is about 130 bajillion figures (give or take a bajillion) to make between now and November.
And my plan is to make a set for our family and a few more for sale, too.
What have I done?!

And so I have begun.
I have plotted out which figures I need to make each month.
Thankfully we live far from everywhere and I can felt in the car (can't read in the car, but I can felt if I don't look up!) and pretty much any where I plant my behind.

The figures are our 'fishstick' people (Andy's design)~ semi-soft needle felted dollies (approx. 4-5" tall). They stand on their own and their sturdy all-in-one construction makes them ideal for toddler play. With expressionless faces in the Waldorf tradition, these little guys allow children and families to engage the Biblical narrative in an interactive way, with drama and imagination. They won't break. They are attractive for holiday display and all natural for play ~ 100% clean carded wool. Professionally dyed, colorfast and non-toxic.

Each set consists of Mary + baby; Joseph; 3 Wise Men/Kings; Angel + Star; 2 shepherds. There is also an animal set of donkey; sheep; camel.

For the benefit of tracking my progress for myself and our subscribers, I will keep updated on the project here on my blog.
At this point, I have 9 Marys shaped and 7 dressed, I'd like to have 15, minimum.
It seems like some sort of joke waiting for a punchline to have 7 Marys and Jesus... now is that Jesuses or Jesi? They don't teach you that in seminary!
Like the old Monty Python sketch about the painting of the Last Supper... "Wot? Only *one* Jesus?"


Vinara said...

They look terrific! I love all the different colours you use :D

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