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Monday, 12 May 2008
This weekend was one of those that confirmed for us the rightness of fit between our family and our chosen small town.

My husband and I both grew up outside of the city (he~ small town, me~ rural/village) and a mere 3 years of city life was enough for us (think Eva Gabor's "goodbye city life" but without the wistfulness or Hungarian accent!). We made the move away not only from the city but our home turf of Southern Ontario and relocated North over 2 years ago. At the time our daughter was 5 months old. I had a new job and Andy had none but we figured we'd jump and figure it out!
Precisely when our parental leave (second half taken by Andy) ended, a job cropped up for him. Serendipity (or as I like to think, what happens when you follow your call!).

Winters are long and the spring bugs are vicious but the summer days are glorious,the fall is a delight and the community is strong and healthy~ something you rarely find in the now-bedroom-communities south of here where people merely sleep where they live.

Here, we live where we live. And we love it!


Friday morning Rowan and I set out at 9 am to walk to the Post Office. As we walked and observed signs of spring I enjoyed the familiar stroll and sights. We ran into a few people on the street and at the PO and meandered back to the little coffee shop. Once inside for our Friday tea ritual we visited with neighbours, caught up on the news and shared tea with the shop owners toddler who plays about the shop while mom works. I had no cash, so we took our tea on credit. We stepped into the deli, Rowan ate her free slice of bologna, we picked up meat for dinner and then grabbed some treats at the bulk store next door.

On the way home we met Rowan's Thursday sitter and her Friday charges on their way to the park, in front of the soon-to-be bakery (like we need a bakery three doors from home, oi!) and decided we would drop off our meat and join them at the park. The kids played by the lake, tossed pebbles, chased ducks and had a great time.

We broke for lunch at the local greasy spoon. When we couldn't decide what would suit Rowan's allergies, they waitress simply took me into the kitchen to pick some food. We were joined for lunch by various people who dropped into the restaurant including the sitter's mother and brother (Grandmother and father of her charges). The children played, the grownups visited.
We finally headed home, pausing for the 12:30 train at the tracks and made it home at 1 pm.
We had simply gone out for the mail 4 hours earlier.

There are drawbacks and things we miss. And we know that city communities can be this way, too. But for now we are, for us, in the place just right.


Moonchild Dancing! said...

Wow, now that is the life! I can't wait to move back to our small town! Sounds beautiful! :D

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