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Tuesday, 27 May 2008
I tried, I really did! I actually published this without words and then couldn't shut up. I got grounded as a child for not being able to be quiet for 10 minutes. Now my own daughter makes me crazy some days with the chatter and my father's comment? 'Payback is a...' well, you know.

All I really wanted to say was I was a day early on the WW challenge (and failed miserably anyway!). So here is some silk...


T.Allen said...

Hahaha. I'm definitely coming back to check this WW next week. My husband and I are two very quiet people who happen to be the proud parents of two of the most talkative children ever. Sometimes I fear my ears will bleed! :P

Monkeybuns said...

When I was little I was a chatter box too wait I still am :0). My dad tells me all the time that when I was a kid I could talk about nothing for hours. My little guy is almost two and is quite the chatter box. Oh well. I am loving your silk! What beautiful colors.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I guess we adult chatterboxes earned our talkative babes, but I feel bad for the quiet parents (like my husband!)!

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