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Sunday, 15 June 2008
I find the development of the child so fascinating. Set aside that my own child is endlessly fascinating to me, and just the bare bones of how we become is incredible. All of those little bits and experiences that connect, the neurons that fire, whatever. It all comes together into learning and being. Each so unique, and yet so predictable, too.

Rowan is coming up to age 3. She has outgrown her toddler proportions and just this week gave up her 'sookie' (rhymes with cookie)~ which has been harder on me (Think: my baby is growing up), than on her. She made one halfhearted 'we could buy more' attempt when I showed her the bitten up tops of her last couple sooks, and that was it. She knows her letters and is beginning to recognize simple words. She is determined she is going to school this year (not!) and she has a quirky, loving little spirit (ie waking me up with a kiss on the nose and telling me 'you have a beautiful nose'!).

I noticed this week that her drawing ~ which she loves to do~ has moved forward... not just lines and circles, but identifiable figures. She has begun drawing that typical humanoid figure of the preschooler: all head and long legs, usually under a sky which is a line above their heads. How cool is that?!

I have attached her self-portrait. I'll guide you through~ head, eyes and eyebrows are fairly apparent. The blue wedges on the sides are ears (complete with earwax!). The large circle in the center is the nose, with a mouth underneath and a belly button below that. Hair on top of head. Legs extending down, with arms and yellow bare feet.

Isn't it amazing what we can do in just 33 months of life?!


Unknown said...

a child that puts their earwax in their self portrait is headed for a cool creative future! :)

Delice said...

What a fun little girl you have!

BeckyKay said...

Aaaah! I remember when my son reached that point. In fact, I still have a family portrait he drew last year on my wall at work. Super-big heads and stick appendages. My favorite is the dog with multiple stick appendages!

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