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Tuesday, 3 June 2008
Oh the puns! The puns! I could just dye.
Ok, I'll stop.
I mean, I am dyeing to stop!
I can't control it.
I could dye of embarrassment.

But I had a cool idea.

I am so excited that our True Colors: Dyer's Charity Challenge is coming up. Previews are going up as they come in and the launch date is June 18th (-24th).

True Colors was born of a desire to have artists who work with dyes come together as collaborators and not competitors around what we love best~ colour. So the forum users at Hyena Cart were invited to submit colorways to be considered as the challenge colorway (three colors only). Then the Hyenas voted and the clear winner was turquoise, sand./neutral and brown.Over 20 dyers committed to participating in the challenge. Every one will use those three colours to create something~ anything! and list it as an auction. All proceeds of each auction will go to the charity of the dyer's choice. So far we have yarn, a blanket, clothing and more and representation for charities as diverse as the Army Relief Fund, the Red Cross, Animal Shelters and Lyrics for Life.

It is so wonderful to see all these talented artists working together and sharing the colours.
Please visit and plan to bid generously for love of colour and community!

I love it when a plan comes together.
(As a student I had a roommate who watched the A Team at midnight nightly. It stuck. Maybe sometime I'll blog about when we thought this guy died in his room... but that is another story! But, I ... dyegress...)


Aimee Dars said...

What a great challenge! And I hope you write about the guy in college you thought croaked...that sounds like an interesting story!

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