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Tuesday, 15 July 2008
How wonderful is this? A small door~ anywhere~ in a tree, on a shelf, along the baseboards of a building or bedroom... a fairy door!

While I may not 'believe' in fairies, I believe in the wonder and whimsy (and, depending on your sources in lore, malice and babysnatching!) they represent in our cynical world ("there are more things on heaven and earth, Horatio..."). I believe that a fairy door offers a delightful opportunity to imagine, to be caught up, even if only for a moment, in the maybe and the what if. In the wonder with which we are born and all too often lose all too soon.

A fairy door can be placed anywhere as an invitation for the wee folk to come in to our world, or even more fantastically, for us to peek into theirs! Children, naturally, love a fairy door, and creative parents can even use it as an entry way for the Tooth Fairy.

Our first fairy door has been created in felt and there will be more to come as the wee folk whisper in my ear! Please click these links to see the wonderful photography pictured here (Flickr users murn, ilovemath and karlt):
1. Fairy Door, 2. Fairy door, 3. red shoes fairy door, 4. Fairy Door #1


L.G. said...

I love these Fairy doors! so sweet. they are definetly majical!

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's Ava in the Red Shoes photo. She'll be thrilled.

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