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Thursday, 31 July 2008
The bean bag is a classic toy. A staple. A simple toy with endless possibilities. Our very favourite kind of toy!

And I want to tell you about Whiffy Bean Bags and their creator, Leah~ a busy mom and entrepreneur who has taken the bean bag up a level while maintaining its simplicity, too. If you have a busy toddler, especially, read on!

Leah makes quality bean bags with attractive fabrics and fills them with wonderful scents! She works with scents from the fun and fruity, to the calming and sleep encouraging to fill her various products: bean bags (for toys, sachets etc.), the Whiffy Ice, Whiffy Shmoo (cuddly blanket that can be stuffed with an appropriately scented Whiffy for sleep!) and Whiffy See-Its (I Spy bags with scents). Now, Whiffy Poo, I am not going to touch!

Now, I am *very* sensitive to scents, and I will say that these products are VERY strongly scented in my experience~ my packages scent the post office! So if you have some sensitivities, choose carefully (I avoid flower scents) and talk to Leah about your order (as she makes them to order). This is a good thing, though! As the scents do last and work wonderfully for so many uses. We love to give Whiffys as gifts.

I want to say a special word about the Whiffy Ice. These little bags are wonderful for babies and toddlers. My daughter is, like most toddlers, constantly coming up with bruises and bangs. Putting ice on an injury is like trying to catch a greased pig. But since we have the Whiffy Ices in our freezer (can be warmed up, too)Rowan happily accepts the icing of a boo-boo (including her recent, and first black eye!). The Ice has smooth cool satin on one side, and a fun print on the other and can be filled with natural herbs to help soothe, too. I even use them for placing at the base of my spine for migraine relief.

So take a moment and check it out~ cool product, great service, lots of choice~ you'll be glad you did!NOTE: all my reviews of products are my own, objective opinions. No review has been solicited, or payment made. Not saying I *can't* be bought ~ just that I haven't, so far! LOL


kim* said...

Those are super neat :)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I love the thought of lavender so the baby goes to sleep faster!

My 7th Heaven said...

Those are so cute, what a wonderful idea. :)

Unknown said...

They are adorable!

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