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Tuesday, 29 July 2008
You know how it goes~ you are someplace where you never expect to meet someone who knows someone, but you always do.
And I find it fascinating to hear people's stories of unlikely connections in unusual places (add yours in the comments!).

Like when I met Audrey. I met her in a cemetery in northern New Brunswick. I was the new minister and she was visiting an old friend. The old friend stopped the car because she thought that Audrey and I would like to meet, both being from Brantford, ON (I thought 'big deal' it's a big place!').

Funny thing was I recognized Audrey right away as a regular customer at the pharmacy where I had worked all through high school.
Small world, huh?

Well, it gets smaller.

Audrey went home, and in her kindly old lady way, she called my mother to say she had met me and I was doing fine. Of course, she didn't know my mother, just thought it would be interesting.

So, she calls my mom and says "You don't know me, but I'm Audrey XY".
My mother says, "MY Audrey XYZ?"
"Pardon me?" says Audrey.
"My Audrey! From the hospital! Is that you?"
By this point Audrey is thinking she has called a VERY wrong number.

It turns out that Audrey had been my mother's head nurse at her very first nursing job in the early 70's and my mother hadn't heard from her or of her since that time. But she remembered Audrey with fondness because when my (here's the kicker!) mother was pregnant with *me* she was having a lot of trouble and Audrey stepped up to the plate and saved my mother's job and enabled my mother to take time off for the sake of her pregnancy.

With me.
Who 23 years later met Audrey in the New Brunswick cemetery of her old hometown, where her husband was buried, very far from Brantford!

Pretty cool, huh?
Next time I'll tell you how I get to be only 2 degrees of separation from Arnold Swarzenegger (ooh ahhh!).


Moonchild Dancing! said...

It's a wonderful, small world indeed! My life seems to be filling more and more with 'the small world syndrome' these days and I'm loving it! :D

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