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Friday, 18 July 2008
...but I am a tattooed lady!

I did it! I have thought of a tattoo on and off over the years but never had anything I wanted on me permanently. Now I do.

So last night I had a tattoo of a rowan branch (daughter Rowan is named for the tree) done on the inside of my right ankle. I wanted it some place visible but discreet, if that makes sense LOL This way you can see it, but not from the front if I were facing you, say, performing your wedding!

I am loving it ~ the artist did a fabulous job (Denis at Live Once), right down to the serrated leaves and it was pretty quick and easy.

However, now that I got one for Rowan, if we have other children, I am kind of on the hook for another... we'll just have to make sure they have a name that can be a symbol for a tattoo~ like Anchor or Flaming Skull ~ awesome baby names!


Julie said...

Beautiful! I love that design!

Unknown said...

Beautiful tat! I am laughing at your potential best friend is pregnant with twins and the latest fun naming options are Hammer & Anvil. I will tell them there will be a Flaming Skull out there somewhere, they might be soulmates :)

GwynnsGifts said...

Your tat looks wonderful. I have heard from many a friend that they are addictive so I am a little afraid to get one but I really really really want one.

T.Allen said...

Your tattoo is beautiful,and timeless-good choice. I'd perhaps rethink the other two you mentioned! :D

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Very nice! congrats :)

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