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Wednesday, 20 August 2008
*shakes fist and grumbles vaguely threatening reminders about the mysterious incident of the Barbie doll head found under the dock one summer and Gangrene Ken's green leg*

My daughter is turning three.

So far we have avoided commercial TV and she barely knows who Dora is (we won't mention the incident with her watching TV the other night, finding Go, Diego, Go and loving it, no, we won't). We have a Barbie/Bratz etc. ban in place from birth which has been the cause of much undermining by family members, but we have stayed strong, clean and Barbie free for three years.

For her birthday cake this past weekend, my mother was read the riot act about what images she got on the cake. When asked, Rowan requested a cow. The baker claimed she had never heard of a three year old who wanted a cow instead of Dora or some other character. I was pleased and proud of my little weirdo.

Andy and I made a big purchase, of a Plan Toys dollhouse (eco-conscious, recycled wood, natural etc.), and family were contributing rooms and dollies. I was so excited! I had scrimped and saved for this and couldn't wait to play, er, I mean, have Rowan play with it.

I hadn't counted on Emma. My youngest sister (20) has been dying to get Rowan a Barbie but being the conscientious Auntie that she is, she wouldn't get one before age three because the packaging told her not to do it. So on the day before the big dollhouse reveal, Auntie Em gives Rowan her very first... yes,... Barbie Doll. And Emma even brought along her own so they could play together.

When Rowan first brought Barbie to me, I was shocked that the first thing out of my mouth about her new toy was 'Isn't she so pretty?' Gak! I quickly covered with a 'and I am sure she has a great mind and a savings plan, too!'. What a geek.

Rowan LOVES it. Loves to brush her hair. And when the dollhouse was given, she claimed it as Barbie's, even though Barbie is like a Baby Godzilla tromping through it with her dainty little pointy feet. Sleeping in the wooden dolly's bed. Doubling over in the wee shower. Dancing on the roof.

What's a mother to do? I guess I will have to reveal my secret stash of my mother's Barbie clothes, made by *my* grandmother (and as recently as 3 years ago fought over by my sister and I) so this third generation can play, too. I mean, we all turned out all right and I am sure it will be years before Rowan and her little friends play N@ked Town like my sisters and I used to do with Beauty Secrets, Western Barbie, Gangrene Ken and the whole gang (except the headless doll, we left the rest of her under the dock, too!).


Stacy said...

OMG there is Beauty Secrets Barbie in all her fuschia glory! Yes, I loved, loved, loved her. Remember the lipstick that fit over her thumb so she could hold it and you'd push the button on her back to make her "apply" it? And Western Barbie with her giant blue eyelid winking? Sigh, I digress.

Unknown said...

That eyelid was wickedly freaky! I had forgotten BS could put on her own lipstick, I just loved the hair!
I am such a hypocrite! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, honey, I feel your pain. I really really do. I remember when the first Barbie came into our house--I think it was when Mara was 5. Yes, I had the Western Barbie, too, with the weird eyelid LOL

Now I have my own Barbies, but they're "box Barbies"...

Unknown said...

well, it sounds like she will be well rounded -- non-Barbie toys AND Barbie toys. At least she isn't playing EXCLUSIVELY with Barbie! a a child I never wanted a Barbie but I turned out ok! :) She will too!

Monica said...

Oh My Goodness!
I am rolling on the floor laughing out loud. My Emma actually asked me what was so funny! This is a riot.
Barbie has not yet found her way into our home...but I'm sure she will this Christmas. My MIL can not avoid annoying my sensibilities. ;)
Gorgeous doll house by the way! I'm so thrilled that Rowan likes it! Have fun playing Lori! :)

Stela said...

THIS STORY WAS AMAZING!!! This is my first time to stumble upon your blog. I laughed so hard I had to read some of it to my boyfriend! I love that she wanted a cow on her birthday cake! She's one awesome little girl!!

Amanda said...

I think a cow is a very respectable thing to have on a birthday cake. Especially if everyone else wants Dora. Promote individuality, I say.

Instead of weirdo, you should call your daughter your little eccentric. The world needs more eccentrics (and age doesn't matter). ;)

Rosebud Collection said...

I have to say, my girls enjoyed Barbie..and my grandchildren are too..Probably, because I thought she was great. What a beautiful doll house..Love the cow on the cake idea..That is so cute..

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone :) I say weirdo with deepest admiration and respect for her strong nature! I really admire it, in truth.

(Desiree/Disarray/D) said...

i had a bit of an unhealthy obsession with barbie as a little girl despite having ZERO television influence. it was bound to happen. it's just a doll, right? :) she'll be fine. and trust me, playing with barbies does NOT a conformist make ;)

Anonymous said...

Lori, we say freak over here :) We are a family of freaks... Eccentric nonconformists. Freaks :)

Anonymous said...

now we all know pretty gets u in the door LOL.
adding your link thanx for stopping by

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