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Wednesday, 27 August 2008
OK, assuming that Cwazy Wabbit is copyrighted (LOL) I need a name for these plush little bunnies.

They are made with organic bamboo velour (obv)~ a fast growing, pesticide free, sustainable resource (yay!) and hand dyed by yours truly. They are machine appliqued and sewn up. They are stuffed with clean carded wool.

Each bunny has a sweet little knotted scarf and heart on his tummy. They stand between 3-5" tall (ears included!).

Since they are made with the same pieces of obv as my new Crazy Babies, the name 'Crazy Bunnies' makes sense. But I am kind of sweet on Scraprabbits (although they aren't technically made with scraps). What say you, gentle readers?


Audi Mama said...

These are adorable! Can I reserve one for Tobin? I like scraprabbits too! You could, eventually, incorporate scraps... just to keep things honest .:o)

Unknown said...

Sure Bella! Yes, I suppose if I make enough I'll have real scraps LOL

Susan Schrock said...

I like scraprabbits! Or cuddlebunnies.

Madame Melville said...

I vote for Scraprabbits! How adorable! I love them.

Unknown said...

Love Bunnies!

kim* said...

o how i love those! velvet mmmm th e best.

Ashley said...

<3 scraprabbits

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