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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Thursday, 7 August 2008
Introducing the Twirligig!™ All natural active fun for children of all ages.

So what is it?

  • Start with a hand dyed silk streamer (11 x 60"~ that's 5' long!).
  • Coordinate with a hand painted and sealed (water based, non-toxic sealant) wand (approx/ 18" long).
  • Use quality hardware and hand stitch the silk to protect it from snags and to add a nice decorative touch.
  • Put it in the hands of a child.
  • And you have a Twirligig!

Run, jump, dance, spin... this toy calls for action and energy!
Got busy kids?
These won't work unless they move, sneaky, huh?

We use high quality silk with hand rolled hems. We have chosen this length for our streamers as we found that the narrower/ longer streamers tended to trip up children and get tramped on much more often. This size is very easy to untangle when spinning and the hardware cannot be removed by a child. Suitable for all ages. Young children should be supervised as with all long items that can tangle around them.

There is also the option to add more streamers to your wand, in an array of solid colours.
Our first Twirligigs are stocking at Take Off Your Shoes on Sunday at 9 pm.


BeckyKay said...

These are so cool! Will they be in your Etsy shop?

Liz said...

omg I remember these when we did PE in school, alot of fun and so pretty!

kim* said...

that is fun :)

Unknown said...


I hope to get some listed at the first of next week!

Anonymous said...

These are too cute!!

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