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Thursday, 14 August 2008
Now I will dye pretty much anything I can get my hands on (and my hands are generally dye stained, too!). And I just got my hands on some amazing OBV (that is~ organic bamboo velour).

Bamboo grows rapidly, is sustainable and does not require the pesticides and intervention of cotton, making it a wonderful fabric on so many levels. Add that is takes dye like a DREAM and I am deeply in love.

I ordered some OBV mostly because I have been hankering to lay some colour down on some, so I made up a reason to get some~ dollies!

I am currently working on some sweet little dolls of wool and the OBV for babies and toddlers.

This is serious.

This has forced me to break my '"NO sewing machine Rule". When I started this business I made a staunch rule about no sewing (used to have a dog accessory business, and I was chained to my machine) as we have no room and I have no inclination (plus the bad mix of stray pins and toddlers!). But in order to finish my dollies I will have to do a wee bit of machine sewing.

And in case that doesn't impress you as to the awesomeness of this fabric... I also broke my "NO Hand Stitching Rule" which is much older and longer standing than the sewing machine one. I hate hand stitching. And every one of these OBV dollies has hand stitched appliques and the heads and hats will also be hand stitched.

How I suffer for my art.
It really must be love!


~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Oh, those are just GORGEOUS!! I'll be checking back often to see the dolls. They must be special if you are breaking all those rules. ;)

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