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Wednesday, 20 August 2008
Do you make natural, gentle products for children and families? Are you looking for a new venue to sell your wares? Do you like the creative challenge of working with a team and stocking to a theme?

Take Off Your Shoes has been running, successfully for a year on Hyena Cart. A 'congo' is a conglomeration~ a group of sellers sharing one shop front, ethos and stocking together. If you are not familiar with Hyena Cart, it is driven by stocking times which allow the stalkers (hyenas) to gather and grab! TOYS stocks just once a month, on the 10th of every month at 9 pm.

When you join the congo, you are given access to our private forum where we do our planning. We ask each member to stock 2-12 items (with at least a couple connected to the theme for the month) each month. Fees ($5/month~ that's it! no other costs!) cover congo fees and advertising.

Our upcoming themes include: Under the Big Top, Harvest & Hibernate, Santa's Kitchen...

We strive to have a variety of shops and seek not to repeat skill sets or products to give everyone their space (ie we already have a yarn dyer). We are open to all suggestions and would particularly love to have a bath/body person, children's clothing, more diapers and toys and other unique products that fit our group.

We are seeking folks who will make a minimum 3 month commitment (it takes time to get established), have stellar feedback and high quality products, photos and customer service. All inquiries will be considered by the team.

The TOYS group is a fun, supportive bunch and we always have fun preparing our themes and stockings together. You can email: if you are interested!


Unknown said...

This sounds really cool. I have to give this some thought and come back!

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