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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Wednesday, 6 August 2008
Winner announced here.
Summer holidays are here and we want to celebrate at BTRT!
So here's the deal:
We have randomly chosen one item out of all the clothing items in our Flickr Galleries:

Handpainted ( & Dyed) Gallery
Dyed (only) Gallery

Now we want YOU to pick your favourite~ something that you would buy for your own child or someone you know. If you pick the one we have chosen~ you win that design in the size of your choice!

If more than one person picks the winner, we'll draw randomly from the correct choices. If no one picks it, we'll move on to our backup choice(s) until we have a winner.

To Enter:
Leave a comment on this thread.
Include: A simple description (ie Octopus Hoodie or rainbow spiral, short sleeves) and the link for the item. Your choice of size (between 6M and 6T only) and some way to contact you.
Only complete entries with these four pieces of information will be considered. Other comments are, of course, welcome!

The Fine Print:
This giveaway will run until Sunday, August 17th at 11:59 PM.
The winner will be announced the week of August 18th and contacted to confirm details.
The contest pertains only to clothing items, and only to those in the two Flickr sets listed and linked above.
Everyone is welcome to enter, we can ship anywhere.
Please enter only once by leaving a comment on this thread.
We reserve the right to remove any comments or entries if need arises due to content.
All items are handmade and one of a kind, your finished result may vary from the original.
All clothing is 100% cotton and dyed with procion dyes.
Hand painted images are durable, colorfast and permanent.


Annie said...

I love the rowan tree on red and brown:

In a 4T for my rapidly growing toddler who is outgrowing all his shirts! My email is railyuh at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

The Ugly Fish Hoodie
I'd love one in a size 4T
I can be contacted by PM on HC under the user ID Shadow.

The Garden Party dress would come a close second, but I have no-one to give one to :(

Happy Summer Holidays :)

Ashley said...

The Muddy Puppy (romper?)! I'd love one in 2T

Oh my goodness, it is adorable. Little girls like to play in the mud too!!
I hope your summer rocks! This is an awesome contest and so sweet of you to run!

I can be contacted via my blog, mamastone on HC or :P

Anonymous said...

I love Summer Sunrise smocked tie-dye.

Size = 5T

I can be contacted through the contact link at

tangente said...

The ugly fishies dress
size 4T

I can be reached via my blog or etsy shop

Thanks :)

Tia Colleen said...

For my daughter, I'd buy the pink shirt with the cute skull on it,, she'd want it in a 4t, to grow into I think. Your contest ends on her 2nd birthday by the way!! Great contest.

Anonymous said...

Lori, did you make this contest for me since I keep begging for a trade? LOL My favorite thing EVER is the rainbow twirly skirt here -
Size 6T please. :)

I can be contacted at Jamie @ (no spaces)

Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

The Campfire Hoodie...I adore the whole campfire set (tee and hoodie..mmmm).

Size 2-3T

Contact via blog please...and thanks for the great contest.

Becky N. said...

Mermaids Singing playdress
Size 6T
Contact via email in blog profile.

Thank you for the contest, I had so much fun browsing through your colorful clothing!

Anonymous said...

The chocolatey hoot, love-love!!!

4T, VincaLeafQuilts on Etsy, HC.

Lizzie said...

My favorite has to be the Space Dog Tee!! (Size 2T for us)

It's so adorable I can't stand it. :)

karmama said...

I would put my daughter in the rainbow skirt (in a 2T) way too often, I love it!

I can be contacted through my blog. Thanks!!

the unreliable narrator said...

I'm sure this ain't it....but it has long made my heart stand still:

The Heart of the Rainbow, which you made in a 6T....I just think it's gobsmackingly gorgeous and really wish I could someday have one as a size six dress for me--swoon! ;o)

Just wanted to let you know--for you're such an amazing artisan.

Bunny B said...

I love the Honey Bunny onesie

It'd be great in 6M! It's so cute. Of course, my choice is biased so I'm not sure if it's the design you chose :P

Gorgeous work!

bunnybx at gmail . com

Rachael said...

with 4 boys and all the dirt and grime that collects Mud Puppy Again is PERFECT for us LOL in a size 4 or 2t

BTW we have a fishermans hat that was dyed and painted by you and its my son's favorite hat.

my user name at HC is Rachael or email is

Ginny said...

I like the winter fairy

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea! I'm loving the tie dyed tights and if I win I'd love them in a 6t. The link:
I can be reached through a convo at

Anonymous said...

I like the heart hoodie!
Size 18months would be lovely!


Anonymous said...

Love Grows Here Dress~~

It says what we believe about our the all-natural look is my favorite!! I would want it in a size 12 months, for my Meghan to wear this winter. You can contact me via, my shop!! :0)

Anonymous said...

Little Rebel!!

lori said...

i am in love with the garden dress --
and would looooooove it in a 3T :)

Anonymous said...

i found it incredibly difficult to choose, but kept coming back to:
"rooted in love"

i would love it in a 3t long sleeve for my youngest.
contact: on HC "diggin'" or moochi _ de at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I was gonna say Space dog, but then I realized I already DID buy that! lol

I like the campfire bucket hat.

No idea on sizing. Something that would fit a reg. sized 5yo?? a-m.strickland[at]sympatico[dot]ca

dressingwest said...

Though I have ALWAYS loved Butter... my favorite is BIRDS ON A WIRE. Sooo gorgeous!!!

Size 4T


hillary said...

Ooh, I hope I hope it's the rainbow skirts!

Size 2/3T for

Superdumb Supervillain said...

The White Rabbit Dress in 5T! (I actually love all your Alice in Wonderland designs but the rabbit is my fave.)

My email is on my sidebar.

jessica said...

Definitely Twirl

It is the most beautiful skirt a girl could have.

My DD is only 9 months, but I would want that in size 2 T, so she could start wearing it around 18 months and wear it until it's a mini skirt! It is amazing. I wish you had one in size 12 for me!

jessamonk@yahoo (you know the rest)

Robin said...

i have always been in love with the rainbow skirts...
we need size 4 and 6 (you see, if I won, I'd have to order a second one!!)
you can contact me at

Anonymous said...

absolutely the capfire hoodie in a 6t! my almost 5 y o had his first camping trip this year and can't stop talking aout campfire and roasting marhsmallows! he would be over the moon with that sweatshirt/shirt.

asantaga - from HC

Anonymous said...

dq'd eh? forgot the derned link

Anonymous said...

This is adorable!
It is the "The White Rabbit Dress"!
Size 6T please.


PS: I do think that all "Alice in the Wonderland" clothes are adorable!

Unknown said...

Rooted: l/s or hoodie
Size: 18months
contact me:

Stephanie Hancock said...

Baby Rainbow Set...

We'd need it in a 6-9 months or so. :) And you know where to find me on HC (stephlynnette). :)

' said...

I LOVE your White Rabbit Dress in Red - how cute is that! I have a certain fondness for Alice in Wonderland.

My daughter would look great in that dress! She is 2.5 - but currently wears 18 m - 2T

You can find me at!

CanCan said...

There are so many things I like! I will follow the rules and name JUST ONE though. :)

My vote is for the Karate Pants dyed with rainbow colors and the basque spiral painted on one leg.

I would like a size 2T for my little Birthday Boy!

onlycancan at hotmail dot com

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