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Monday, 25 August 2008
You know that satisfaction of finding *just* what you want or need? Well, I am going to share a secret with you: True Vine Herbs.

Not only is Kelly an absolutely lovely person to work with and a busy mom of many little ones, she makes the most amazing and beautiful natural products.

We first connected with True Vine in my search for handmade soaps, but have enjoyed their healing salve (wonderful post-surgery for my scars!), body lotion and tea, as well. Rowan and I enjoy a cup of Sweet Child Tea (think orange creamsicle) when we get the chance, and not only does this loose tea/ tisane smell divine, but it *looks* gorgeous, too.

Soap. What can I say? It is lovely to look at, richly scented (but not overpowering~ I am very sensitive to scents), hard enough to last, soft enough to lather up. My personal favourite is the Lavender Anise blend but we have enjoyed many others as well.

I also recently purchased Kelly's WAHM samples and they are packaged so well, and very BIG for sample soaps~ they even include a thank you to the customer with *my* shop name and info. I'll have to find those... I just cleaned my workspace and they aren't there... and my husband was pretty keen on the grapefruit peppermint scent..hmmmm.

I have used a lot of superlatives, but True Vine Herbs is the whole package~ great products, excellent customer service. Check it out!


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