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Sunday, 3 August 2008
OK, Ro isn't 3 for a month. But she is there in spirit and it has two beat by a mile!

You know when you are the parent of a three year old when your conversation goes like this:
"Please don't poke Mommy's eyes"
"I want to"
"It hurts"
"Keep them open!"
"It hurts me when you press your thumbs into my eyes!"
"No it doesn't"
"yes, it does. Please stop"
"It makes you happy."
"What makes me happy?"
"When I press your eyes."
"No, it hurts. Ask me if you want me to open them."
"I can't. OPEN YOUR EYES."

Seriously. I need adult conversation. You can tell me about your toddler... you can tell me you *survived*. Please?


Unknown said...

Funny. . .My 3 yr. old told me he wasn't going to listen to me EVER!

Stick Nymph said...

I have a little Ro, too! He a Rowan guy, though. He likes to poke my eyes and sometimes climb on my head while swimming together. I'm glad he has faith that I won't be blinded and/or drowned.

Unknown said...

My Ro climbed on my head during church today~ while I was leading something! Fun times!

Stick Nymph said...

Clearly this name is frought with eye-pokey, head-climby juju! And I thought the Rowan tree was supposed to protect from this kind of pixie punk trickery! :)

Unknown said...

LOL I hear ya! Then again, depending on where you read, some say the fairies actually love the tree, and are no doubt encouraging the impish behaviour!

Anonymous said...

You mean this still goes on at age 3?! My 19 month old has been doing the eye-pokey thing for a few months now, only our conversation goes along the lines of:

"Ow! That hurts Mama..."

... ending with me curled in the fetal position, trying to save myself.

Unknown said...

Well, when my daughter did it at that age it was a little gentler and less intended to annoy LOL

Tasha Early said...

Lol. I'm not there yet, but I can't wait.

east4thstreet said...

I love those conversations. I have three-11, 5 and 4 and the conversations just get more and more interesting


What were you like as a 3 year old?

I was the one jumping on the sofa in the summer of 1971, just after the Big Earthquake...saying with a big smile: "Do it again, Mama, do it again". As my mother gripped the sides of the sofa as if it were a raft on the a white water river. TERI

Unknown said...

Too funny Teri! Your poor mother!

Cary said...

why is it so funny to read when it's someone else's conversation and not your own? mine will be 3 in October and we have these exact same type of conversations daily. i definitely need more adults to talk to also:)

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