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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Monday, 29 September 2008

earth belly candy co. is officially in operation.

While Canada Customs seems to be holding our final box of supplies from Heather at Kickshaw Confections (previous owner), we were able to make a few batches of yummy stuff this weekend and start sharing it.

Our first lollipops are a delicious combo of flavours: Toffee Coffee. We also have some wicked Maple Walnut Crunch topping (for ice cream, cheesecake, your spoon) made with local maple syrup (and it is dairy free!).

Our house smells divine and we are all a little high on sugar, but we are very pleased with our start and looking forward to bringing you lots of organic, fair trade, natural goodies for Halloween and the holidays.

As a kickoff, we are giving away (for partial shipping) lollipops all week long at our Etsy shop. We'd love to send you one and get your feedback~ so click through and check regularly to snag some goodies!

Sunday, 28 September 2008
This first is full of natural goodies from the Natural Kids Team on Etsy (click the image to view full size!):
This second one was just a bit of fun~ as winter approaches and perhaps the trend for sparrows can cool off and make room for these guys:
Mamakopp is an amazing artist who works wonders with wood~ we have a set of her teeny wooden birds on our table right now.

The set pictured at right is available in her Etsy shop.

She is offering the most lovely giveaway through her blog~ something every mother will cherish.
I'd tell you more, but you really need to see this to appreciate her artistry!

So check out her blog for your chance to win (or don't, 'cause I want it!)
Friday, 26 September 2008
The Natural Kids Team on Etsy has so many talented artisans and artists who are passionate about delivering high quality, handmade, natural items for your little ones.
I'll try and share few with you every week for holiday gift giving ideas.

Here are a few ideas for stocking stuffers for the holidays:
A bale of beeswax turtles from Buzz HandmadeA colorful rainbow of gnome cards (complete with fold up felt carrying case) from Mama Kopp:A trio of wee pocket babies from German Dolls:
Wooden acorns from Mamaroots:
And I know this won't fit in my stocking, but I'd love to find this on Christmas morning (and the hat is darn cute, too!). From Burry Babies:Search "Naturalkids team" for more handmade goodies that are good for your little ones!
Wednesday, 24 September 2008
Ok, I admit it. I am a dabbler. I have great admiration for those folks who can make the same thing many times, I really do. But my brain is always winging off to some new project.

I took a look at my long standing stash of wool and decided to make something of it, or rather to engage my husband in the making of something of it. So far I am still about 70% of the job.

We have made up some dryer balls for Etsy and for a local natural living store. Dryer balls are so simple and can save you time, money and energy. When you need to use the dryer, toss in 2 or 4 or more dryer balls with your load. The 100% wool balls will toss about and create better airflow between your items, absorb moisture and soften as they go.

We are packaging these as coordinated pairs. Each ball is approximately the size (or a little larger) of a tennis ball. The pair comes in a drawstring cotton muslin bag which allows the air to circulate through them when hung to dry (and keeps them from rolling behind the machine with allt he lint and spiders). The bags are hand stamped.

Your clothes will dry faster and softer with chemicals or plastic aids. Use them over and over again. Add a drop of essential oil if you want a little scent in the mix.

Of course, the kids can play with them, too!

Check 'em out!

If you are the 'I can do that' type, be sure to check our Etsy shop, too, as I am just putting the finishing touches on a tutorial for these!

The Tutorial is up!
Monday, 22 September 2008
...or maybe, more aptly, when God closes a door, God always opens a window.


My husband went into work today and lost his job. He is a newspaper reporter/ photographer and the paper recently cut back their publication, but this was unexpected. Shocking, really. Two weeks pay in lieu of notice and a severance package (which is the only saving grace) that reflects not only his 2 years at this paper, but over a dozen with another in the same chain.

I picked him up and on the way home we decided simply, to make the best of it, and consider it an opportunity. We had to give our child care provider notice (which made me cry, we all love her, especially our daughter). We'll sell our old junker car and reduce to one vehicle. And we'll live more simply. Which we ought to do anyway.

When we moved to our current community, we moved with Andy being unemployed and willing to live with that. And so, we are there now. At least now we have BTRT on solid footing and our new organic lollipop business to give him work to which he can apply himself between daughter duty and so on.

That just may be our window~ a new business with so much possibility but we were struggling to find a way to give it the energy and time it would require.

So while we are shocked, and Andy has to sort out his hurt and loss of professional identity, not small things, we do have a sense of 'we can do this' and maybe, just maybe, it is the kick in the pants we needed to change our lives in positive ways.
Thursday, 18 September 2008
OK, sorry for more kid stuff, but I am in a blogging rut and I need to write something to help me break out of it!

This morning, Rowan and I noticed the moon was still up (mind you we also watched the sun rise, she is an early bird!). I noted that he forgot to go to bed, and she told me was staying up because the sun was busy building a roof to stay dry from the rain. And that the sun was using wood, cheese and vacuum parts to do this. Of course.

In other news, we are waiting for our lollipop supplies to arrive and rapidly coming up with a flavour list a mile long!
Wednesday, 17 September 2008
Rowan is learning about jokes. Her father is teaching her.
First he told her this one:
Two muffins are baking in the oven. The first one says 'it's hot in here!'. The second one says 'Holy Cow! A talking muffin!'

Then she told it to me later on (and boy was I confused!):
There are two muffins baking in a pie. It's so hot and one talks.

And then later, I hear her telling her babysitter:
Daddy made muffin pie and fed it to the horse but it was too hot for him to eat it! *maniacal laughter* Isn't that a FUNNY joke?!
(I don't know where the horse came from).

And then there are the knock-knock jokes.
Like this:
Daddy: Knock Knock
Rowan: *makes knocking motion with her hand* somebody is at the door!
Daddy: No! You say 'who's there'
Rowan: Me.
Daddy: No, say who's there!
Rowan: Me! It's Me!
Daddy: No, you say 'who's there'~ it's part of the joke.
Rowan: I know a funny joke! There was a horse in the oven and he said it was too hot! Isn't that FUNNY?!

Ya know. It really *is* funny.
Sunday, 14 September 2008
I have BTRT on Hyena Cart stocked full of goodies for fall. With a new business venture and the holidays coming, this will likely be my last clothing stocking of any size until the new year. I am aiming to keep dyeing to a minimum untilt hen since each dye session brings with it lots more work (since I hate to waste dye or water, I make as much as I can!).

Lots of stuff for boys and girls~ sunflowers, toadstools, around and be sure to come out at 9 pm Monday, Septembertrees and more! Pop over for a look 15th for an announcement and the 'go live' time for everything!
Thursday, 11 September 2008
The name Rowan was chosen for our daughter out of a deep connection to the tree and all its meaning.

Known as the Mountain Ash in North America (and the dogberry in some parts of Canada) and the Rowan tree in Europe, it is actually a member of the rose family.

It's roots go deep into Celtic and Druidic lore~ being the favoured tree for staves and magician's wands. Believed to be a protective tree, providing shelter from witches and the like, the branches have been used in several cultures for protective purposes (even on the cows to keep them from being cursed and their milk curdling!).

Some say the tree is a favourite of faeries, others say it repels them.

The earliest reference to the tree is in a Finnish creation myth in which all plants and animals are brought to life by Ruani, having taken the form of a rowan tree.

The word 'rowan' is derived from the word 'rune' for spell of magic.

Quickbeam, of Tolkien's Ents in the Lord of the Rings is a Rowan tree (quickbeam being another name for the rowan tree).

Greek mythology tells the tale of Hebe, who lost an ambrosia serving chalice. When an eagle is sent to retrieve it from the demons who claimed it, a fight ensues and the drops of blood and the feathers of the eagle became the leaves and berries of the Rowan tree.

These are just a few quick facts about this fascinating tree. Add that after Rowan's birth I found out that the Mountain Ash was my grandmother's favourite tree~ which she planted wherever she lived, and we knew the name was right for our magical little sprite!

The pictures here were taken yesterday beneath our rowan tree in the yard.
Tuesday, 9 September 2008

If you asked me a week ago if I could see our family in the candy business, I would have told you you were nuts ( no pun intended!).

But here we are.

We are now the proud (freaked, excited, overwhelmed) owners of Soothing the Womb (lollipops for pregnancy) and the organic lollipop and brittle portion of the wildly delicious Kickshaw Confections business. Many thanks to Heather ~ she is such a wonderful person to work with!

We will be effecting a name change right away to bring all the candy together as the Earth Belly Candy Co. with retail products becoming available in a few weeks time at Hyena Cart and Etsy as well as the Soothing the Womb domain/ site. Wholesale to follow once we get our candy legs (is there such a thing?) under us.

All products will continue to be natural, organic and completely free of dye, preservatives or GMOs. We are so pleased to be continuing with the family tradition of Kickshaw and using their outstanding recipes.

We first tried Heather's yummy lollies when searching for a special treat for our daughter~ difficult due to food allergies~ and we plan to continue to market the pregnancy lollipops, organics, brittles and also to create some special lollipops as treats for kids with food sensitivities and allergies.

Beneath the Rowan Tree will continue to bring you bright, hand dyed and painted clothing and handmade natural toys, just not as many or maybe quite as often!

We wish Heather and her family all of the best in this time of change, and hope that this is a positive and life giving time for them!
I believe this is one of the treasuries from the International Kids Gift Guide...
It features our little hedgie purse (which has been well loved but never found a home, poor little gal! LOL)

Edited to add that the Hedgie is also in a Storque article today!
Friday, 5 September 2008
We have a new 'pet'. His name, chosen by Rowan, is Strawberry.

Strawberry is a chipmunk who lives under our garage. I have visions of our entire garage erupting in a geyser of bird seed and peanuts sometime before winter arrives (a la Chip and Dale) due to the sheer volume of treats we have been feeding him.

Andy first noticed the chippy while working in the garage, and it only took us two days to have him sitting on our laps and eating out of our hands. He now comes around as soon as he hears voices or footsteps (he greeted me yesterday as I came up the walk from work~ of course, he ditched me after a quick check in my hand revealed I was treat-less). He is a bold little guy, even our dog doesn't worry him, he just perches up high and watches the dog go by (while the dog frantically tries to find the source of that delicious rodent scent).

Our chipmunk-phobic babysitter says it is the rabies that makes him bold. LOL

We sort of forgot how afraid she was of rodents when we got Strawberry into the habit of hanging out on our front porch during holidays. Oops. Now the poor woman has a bossy three year old reading her the riot act about not "saying SHOO to my Strawberry chi-munk!".

So here's to cheap entertainment and the undying wonder of (most) people for interacting with the wild things.
Thursday, 4 September 2008
So, how many years do you have to be out of school before you stop dreaming about school? I graduated, finally, in 1997. And I still had a school anxiety dream on the night before the first day of school.

Only this time, when I couldn't find my locker, remember the lock combo or find my first class I had to do it all with a stroller in tow. And when I went to the gymnasium for the opening assembly, I kept losing my toddler, on top of the feeling that I had already missed too many math classes to catch up. How mean is that?!

Even so, I love fall. I love the change in the air and sunlight. The new colour of the sky late afternoon. The Rowan (ok, Mountain Ash) trees in fruit. The fall fairs. New clothes (once I clean out my closet I promised myself something new!) with long sleeves and rich colours. New beginnings.

This year I am poignantly aware that *next* year at this time my baby goes to school. I am also looking at the closing of my Hyena Cart congo (Take Off Your Shoes) and the possibility of that developing into something new. Considering a new and unexpected business opportunity. Working with my real job to accommodate and meet some big changes this fall. And knowing I need to work some exercise and self-care into all of this (not to mention our postponed adoption plans to consider as we were postponing until this upcoming spring).

I love fall.
I really, truly do!
Wednesday, 3 September 2008
And frantically trying to prepare for stockings, get a late newsletter out and edit a scad of photos, so please be patient with me!
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