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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Wednesday, 24 September 2008
Ok, I admit it. I am a dabbler. I have great admiration for those folks who can make the same thing many times, I really do. But my brain is always winging off to some new project.

I took a look at my long standing stash of wool and decided to make something of it, or rather to engage my husband in the making of something of it. So far I am still about 70% of the job.

We have made up some dryer balls for Etsy and for a local natural living store. Dryer balls are so simple and can save you time, money and energy. When you need to use the dryer, toss in 2 or 4 or more dryer balls with your load. The 100% wool balls will toss about and create better airflow between your items, absorb moisture and soften as they go.

We are packaging these as coordinated pairs. Each ball is approximately the size (or a little larger) of a tennis ball. The pair comes in a drawstring cotton muslin bag which allows the air to circulate through them when hung to dry (and keeps them from rolling behind the machine with allt he lint and spiders). The bags are hand stamped.

Your clothes will dry faster and softer with chemicals or plastic aids. Use them over and over again. Add a drop of essential oil if you want a little scent in the mix.

Of course, the kids can play with them, too!

Check 'em out!

If you are the 'I can do that' type, be sure to check our Etsy shop, too, as I am just putting the finishing touches on a tutorial for these!

The Tutorial is up!


Anonymous said...

I am so fascinated by these- they are beautiful! Great idea and they look fantastic!

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Those are great- I love the bright colors!

Madame Melville said...

I love the combination of function and beauty! Great idea!

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