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Thursday, 4 September 2008
So, how many years do you have to be out of school before you stop dreaming about school? I graduated, finally, in 1997. And I still had a school anxiety dream on the night before the first day of school.

Only this time, when I couldn't find my locker, remember the lock combo or find my first class I had to do it all with a stroller in tow. And when I went to the gymnasium for the opening assembly, I kept losing my toddler, on top of the feeling that I had already missed too many math classes to catch up. How mean is that?!

Even so, I love fall. I love the change in the air and sunlight. The new colour of the sky late afternoon. The Rowan (ok, Mountain Ash) trees in fruit. The fall fairs. New clothes (once I clean out my closet I promised myself something new!) with long sleeves and rich colours. New beginnings.

This year I am poignantly aware that *next* year at this time my baby goes to school. I am also looking at the closing of my Hyena Cart congo (Take Off Your Shoes) and the possibility of that developing into something new. Considering a new and unexpected business opportunity. Working with my real job to accommodate and meet some big changes this fall. And knowing I need to work some exercise and self-care into all of this (not to mention our postponed adoption plans to consider as we were postponing until this upcoming spring).

I love fall.
I really, truly do!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love fall too. I got married in the fall...we agreed it was our favorite time of year because of the colors, the crisp cool air, the smells and warm woolen sweaters.

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