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Friday, 5 September 2008
We have a new 'pet'. His name, chosen by Rowan, is Strawberry.

Strawberry is a chipmunk who lives under our garage. I have visions of our entire garage erupting in a geyser of bird seed and peanuts sometime before winter arrives (a la Chip and Dale) due to the sheer volume of treats we have been feeding him.

Andy first noticed the chippy while working in the garage, and it only took us two days to have him sitting on our laps and eating out of our hands. He now comes around as soon as he hears voices or footsteps (he greeted me yesterday as I came up the walk from work~ of course, he ditched me after a quick check in my hand revealed I was treat-less). He is a bold little guy, even our dog doesn't worry him, he just perches up high and watches the dog go by (while the dog frantically tries to find the source of that delicious rodent scent).

Our chipmunk-phobic babysitter says it is the rabies that makes him bold. LOL

We sort of forgot how afraid she was of rodents when we got Strawberry into the habit of hanging out on our front porch during holidays. Oops. Now the poor woman has a bossy three year old reading her the riot act about not "saying SHOO to my Strawberry chi-munk!".

So here's to cheap entertainment and the undying wonder of (most) people for interacting with the wild things.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I absolutely LOVE HIM!! :0) I have a thing for rodents...check out my bunny pix on my blog! :0)
I wish so badly I could get our little chipmunk friend to eat out of my hands...I have never tried it, never even thinking there was a chance.

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