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Monday, 29 September 2008

earth belly candy co. is officially in operation.

While Canada Customs seems to be holding our final box of supplies from Heather at Kickshaw Confections (previous owner), we were able to make a few batches of yummy stuff this weekend and start sharing it.

Our first lollipops are a delicious combo of flavours: Toffee Coffee. We also have some wicked Maple Walnut Crunch topping (for ice cream, cheesecake, your spoon) made with local maple syrup (and it is dairy free!).

Our house smells divine and we are all a little high on sugar, but we are very pleased with our start and looking forward to bringing you lots of organic, fair trade, natural goodies for Halloween and the holidays.

As a kickoff, we are giving away (for partial shipping) lollipops all week long at our Etsy shop. We'd love to send you one and get your feedback~ so click through and check regularly to snag some goodies!


The Stewart Stuff said...

What a great deal for expectant moms! I love your shop! Go world themes!
-10oneworld on etsy

Unknown said...

LOL the world rocks ;)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, while cruising the Etsy forums.

I'm so excited to find you!

I really like your stuff... AND, I have a daughter named Rowan, too!

And before we named her, we researched all the ancient Rowan tree / Quickbeam / Celtic tree lore also! And learned how Rowan branches were considered to be protection from shipwreck, and from bad witchcraft.

My Rowan is 22 years old now. And I think she IS protected, somehow, since she travelled with just one other girl as a teenager through Morocco, and walked alone across Spain, and biked with her girlfriend from Rhode Island to Louisiana... and has met with only kindness on her way!

Check out Free Range Kids. I have a link to it on my blog, and I think they're being featured on Dr. Phil today. I think parents of young ones should know about that site.

And come visit my blog...

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Wow, those look so yummy! Do you know when you'll be getting the tapioca syrup in? That'll be great- having a HFCS-free option.

Hmm, once you get up and running, I just might have to buy some to give out as thank you gifts for my Enchanted Dandelion orders. (That is, if me and the kids don't eat them all first!)

Unknown said...

We'd love to make some for orders! Our syrup has been in customs for 10 days now. I have NO idea why but I am getting frustrated LOL

And Betsy~ thanks for your lovely note~ your ROwan sound just lovely, and I am off to follow the links!

Monica said...

I am *over the moon* for you Lori!! I missed the toffee coffee pops, but when you're ready for a custom order for us (and wahm samples for my customers) let me know. I've got pp itching for a sweet! :)

Did Rowan just die from lolly joy when the first batch came together? ;)

Unknown said...

ah, how fun -- must check it out!

Unknown said...

LOL Monica, we did a 'family batch' to inaugurate the business and she was SO excited to help and try her first one~ thankfully they take forever to eat and we managed to stretch one over 3 days!

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