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Monday, 22 September 2008
...or maybe, more aptly, when God closes a door, God always opens a window.


My husband went into work today and lost his job. He is a newspaper reporter/ photographer and the paper recently cut back their publication, but this was unexpected. Shocking, really. Two weeks pay in lieu of notice and a severance package (which is the only saving grace) that reflects not only his 2 years at this paper, but over a dozen with another in the same chain.

I picked him up and on the way home we decided simply, to make the best of it, and consider it an opportunity. We had to give our child care provider notice (which made me cry, we all love her, especially our daughter). We'll sell our old junker car and reduce to one vehicle. And we'll live more simply. Which we ought to do anyway.

When we moved to our current community, we moved with Andy being unemployed and willing to live with that. And so, we are there now. At least now we have BTRT on solid footing and our new organic lollipop business to give him work to which he can apply himself between daughter duty and so on.

That just may be our window~ a new business with so much possibility but we were struggling to find a way to give it the energy and time it would require.

So while we are shocked, and Andy has to sort out his hurt and loss of professional identity, not small things, we do have a sense of 'we can do this' and maybe, just maybe, it is the kick in the pants we needed to change our lives in positive ways.


Anonymous said...

This will be hard...but sometimes hard is good. I always believe that God has us exactly where He wants us. I believe it'll all work out in the end for the good. Bless you all. Hope your business booms because of it.

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