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Thursday, 11 September 2008
The name Rowan was chosen for our daughter out of a deep connection to the tree and all its meaning.

Known as the Mountain Ash in North America (and the dogberry in some parts of Canada) and the Rowan tree in Europe, it is actually a member of the rose family.

It's roots go deep into Celtic and Druidic lore~ being the favoured tree for staves and magician's wands. Believed to be a protective tree, providing shelter from witches and the like, the branches have been used in several cultures for protective purposes (even on the cows to keep them from being cursed and their milk curdling!).

Some say the tree is a favourite of faeries, others say it repels them.

The earliest reference to the tree is in a Finnish creation myth in which all plants and animals are brought to life by Ruani, having taken the form of a rowan tree.

The word 'rowan' is derived from the word 'rune' for spell of magic.

Quickbeam, of Tolkien's Ents in the Lord of the Rings is a Rowan tree (quickbeam being another name for the rowan tree).

Greek mythology tells the tale of Hebe, who lost an ambrosia serving chalice. When an eagle is sent to retrieve it from the demons who claimed it, a fight ensues and the drops of blood and the feathers of the eagle became the leaves and berries of the Rowan tree.

These are just a few quick facts about this fascinating tree. Add that after Rowan's birth I found out that the Mountain Ash was my grandmother's favourite tree~ which she planted wherever she lived, and we knew the name was right for our magical little sprite!

The pictures here were taken yesterday beneath our rowan tree in the yard.


Madame Melville said...

Lovely post! Thanks for the information. I was actually admiring our rowan trees in the backyard this afternoon.....although I always knew them to be mountain ash. Learned something new today!

Thanks (:

Jenn said...

Lovely, thanks for sharing...that was really interesting. :0)

Kayla Zotter said...

Wow! Crazy Brain Wave.....
I've shared this on my Facebook page because everything that you have written was a major factor in the decision to name my daughter Rowan. Also I love your tattoo of the leaves from the Rowan tree! That was also something I was looking into, I am just trying to decide where to put it. I hope you don't mind if I incorporate your idea with mine.

Unknown said...

Absolutely! Enjoy! And do share if you get that tattoo!! ♥

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