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Saturday, 11 October 2008
What is it about the season of dying that is so compelling?

The colours are dizzying this year, with a wet summer and long, crisp fall, the show of colours on our hardwood forests are simply stunning. Breathtaking in the very real sense~ you turn a corner and gasp at the brilliance of reds and oranges and yellows~ the true colours which have hidden behind their chlorophyll clothing all summer long. The rowan trees are dripping with berries (which folk wisdom would tell us means a hard winter). The sun is still warm enough to chase your jacket from your back as it pushes back the morning frost. A few summer flowers are bold enough to continue to bloom.

Today, we were serendipitously included in a drive to an art studio by the lake. Not our island-less lake, but one nearby with true Northern Ontario character. As soon as we stepped out of the car you could smell it. The beginning of the decay of the glory of fall. The smell of leaves on the ground. Combined with sunlight and watercolours, sculpture and pointilism and the wonder of a three year old touching alabaster for the first time, it was an intoxicating combination.

It was the kind of day that makes you want to make full use of the word 'revel'.

This is my favourite season, and my favourite part of my favourite season.The balance has tipped towards winter but we breath out 'not yet' as we breath in the scents of falling, failing autumn. It is a season of dying, but maybe it appeals, calls, excites, because it is the season that reminds us of life's rhythms~ growth, abundance, loss, rest and renewal.

For autumn really isn't about dying, and the decay isn't about loss~ it is about new life, as surely as spring will follow winter again, and there is beauty in every part, even the dying.

(Photos taken today)


April said...

I share your sentiments exactly - I mentioned to my family this past weekend that Thanksgiving has now replaced Christmas as my favourite holiday - sweaters and sunshine, playing on the beach with the crisp breeze and fall surf coming in, walking in the woods, the smell of falling's strangely energizing!

Beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

ooh! Sounds like a fabulous weekend :) SIgh. Here comes the snow!

Anonymous said...

I never see it as "dying" husband always says that...I tell him and have taught the children it's a "rest" or a "sleep" of the life. Nothing really dies. Just because it is bare does not mean it is dead for the roots are still strong and a life force is beating below the surface...the animals are resting and alive and well...everything awakens in spring!! Beautiful fall colors, thanks for sharing those gorgeous pix. Nothing is that colorful here yet...the other day, it was in the '80's for us... :(

Unknown said...

very true, jenn, thanks!

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