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Tuesday, 21 October 2008
I am not very Hyena.
Without a little one in diapers I rarely participate in a hyena feeding frenzy.
You will need to check out Hyena Cart (scroll over the upper left hand side where it says 'Why Hyenas') to begin to understand the hyena mentality by which items become hugely popular and in high demand at this 'collection of earth friendly shops' (that is the tag line, I don't mean that sarcastically with the little ' ').

I am not very hyena.
I rarely stalk and I tend to miss the big trends.
But not this time!

We are the proud owners of a Hudson Hat ~ a brilliant little knitted number developed by KY Baby Knits~ perfect for using up all those wool scraps you have hanging around. The pattern is available for license and our hat was knit by Jessica at A Ray of Stitches. It just called to me ~ whimsical, colorful, natural (all wool) and suits Rowan to a 't' (also not sarcastic LOL~ I have a huge peeve with people using the 'quotes' around phrases~ I mean, who wants to take a ride in a glass bottom 'boat' to name one of my favourite examples! I mean, is it a boat or not?!).

We love our Hudson Hat and should get a good 2-3 years wear out of it. If only Rowan would stop tying herself into it with intricate knots in the darn thing! I want one for me, now.


Kim Caro said...

love the wolly and lolly :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's beautiful! :0)

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