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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Wednesday, 1 October 2008
I thought I'd share some very sweet little bunnies from the Natural Kids Team at Etsy.

It is probably better that I leave these rabbits with their creators, anyway, since my pet rabbit track record is pretty poor. It just never goes well.

Like Emerson, the little boy bunny I needed to get castrated because he turned vicious and started chasing people around the apartment (student days)~ including my then 8 year old sister who hopped up on a chair and then the kitchen table, and the rabbit jumped up right behind her! SO rather than castrate him, I sent him to a farm, where, in short order 'he' got knocked up and had babies. Think Monty Python... 'run away! run away!'

But I digress. I am sure these bunnies are good.

Adorable bunnies from Fairies Nest:How darling! Momma Blackberry and babies from Hues of Nature:A little bunny baby~ I actually have one of these in my office at work ~ from WoolComesAlive:And look at this little one from OritDotan~ don't you want to squish it? (that is a different bunny story... just kidding!) ~ it is actually a good size bunny at 6" long!And lastly, this is Bethie~ she has a sad story and needs a home! Created by Woolies:To find more cuties, just search "naturalkids team" at Etsy and add a favourite tag, like bunny, to you search!


Ashley said...

What cute bunnies!

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