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Saturday, 18 October 2008
Our Lolly Lila has arrived.
What, you may ask, is a Lolly Lila?
Here is the description from her creator, Sarah, also known as Freedom Rainbow:
This Lolly Lila is a little nervous. She is about to audition for a spot in the famous musical production, Put Your Clothes in the Dryer, by famous improv dancer and singer Rowan Tree.
she is reserved for BTRT!
She's got a good shot at it! she happens to be Rowan Tree's favorite colors, she has a vintage dancing skirt, she has created her own dance prop bangles for the auditions, and best of all she is the sweetest, silliest, most loveable and capable improv dancing puppy ever to set paw on stage!

If she gets this part, she is a shoe-in for the up and coming release of the magical sequel, Put Your Clothes in the Washing Machine. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and she is ready to travel to Canada and start a new life to realize her big dream. She also tells me she is lonely for a little mommy, around the age of 3, to take good care of her and help her with her moves..... maybe Rowan Tree herself will be the one!!! a dreamer can only hope.....

Her build is waldorf inspired and made from all natural, ecological materials. I say waldorf inspired because of the materials and also because her head is carefully sculpted in clean carded chemical free wool and strong hemp jewelry twine and then stitched and covered with a recycled felted cashmere sweater "skin".

Hereyes are hand painted acrylic Suncatcher eyes (etsy)- these eyes have so much depth and detail. She has merino wool felt lids which are well sewn down and tacked to the interior hemp twine on the head. Her body is also stuffed with eco wool and is made from a recycled felted 100% lambswool sweater! i have carefully handsewn everything including her cute little tail and paws!!! Her hair is an amazing artyarn and roving from one of etsy's very best - . She comes with a vintage dancing skirt and some great little improv dance bangles.

She's a vegetarian, but needs a lot of protein due to her disposition, so hopefully you have protein powder for shakes!!! She is skilled with mantras and super sharp in shastra, but really loves climbing trees, improvisational theatre and dance, kundalini yoga, tai chi, and telling stories, being read to, and fetch.
And Lolly Lila arrived at our house yesterday. She is amazing!

Not only is she supremely talented and beautifully made, she is made especially for Rowan with her orange and red colours and dancing props. The inspiration for the dancing persona can be found here and here (the Put Your Clothes in the Washer/ Dryer videos, seriously hilarious).

Here is her arrival in pictures:
Lolly Lila hesitantly approaches her idol... Lolly Lila is nervous, she has heard about these show biz types, and Rowan Tree seems to be sleeping off her latest performance (in the company of Puppy, who makes Lolly Lila even more nervous, as Puppy is RTs right hand dog):
Rowan wakes up to find herself eye to eye with her new protege. You can see the smile in her eyes, Lolly Lila heaves a sigh of relief and smiles back.
The girls get to know one another, finding themselves to be kindred spirits:And then... they dance!And Lolly Lila Avatar Shakti Puppy Princess is a shoe-in for the part and is declared not only to be a great 'La-la-Lie-Lie' but Puppy's new best friend, which is a big, big deal in Rowan Tree's world! Today LL received jumping lessons and played leap frog with RT and Lydia the frog. She is one happy Lolly Lila, and Rowan is one happy little girl!It is wonderful to watch a new friendship blossoms and many thanks to Sarah for sharing her talent, her reiki and her undertstanding of the spirit of one one dancing little girl!


mamakopp said...

That Freedom is amazing isn't she !? I just love her work.

freedom rainbow said...

awwww!!!! i'm so glad they are together at last!! xoxoxo

Life in the 20 acre woods said...

What a sweet post! How lovely to see the photographs as the puppies are discovering each other!

Anonymous said...

I love Freedom Rainbow's creations! Those pictures of the first encounter are so sweet!

Monica said...

Oh, I love this post! I'm so glad Rowan loves her new pup! So cute!

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