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Wednesday, 22 October 2008
This summer we went to our local wildlife center (rescue and rehab) and Rowan got to pet the skunk (named Flower~ she is de-scented due to her epilepsy which caused her to spray herself and skunks hate their own smell, go figure!). We heard all about the incredible power of skunk spray ~ their range and ability to shoot in a direct line or to spray a wide area. I was deeply impressed by their power to defend themselves.

Flash forward to Sunday night. I had a long day and it was nearly midnight. Andy let the dog out on the long line to do his business. Dog charges animal. Husband perceives animal to be skunk. Skunk sprays. Husband perceives skunk smell. Husband was at the above wildlife lecture.

What does husband do?

Let the dog INTO the house, of course!


Dog proceeds to roll on carpet, couches and bolt upstairs to roll on our duvet.

I immediately smelled something~ like perm solution, and when husband moseys upstairs, ask him about it. Oh. No. Husband insists dog is clean. (And here is where my dumb moment comes in, overshadowed as I was by the enormity of my husbands bad choices). I stick my face into dog's fur and come up gagging and skunked.

Oh. No.

The blessing was that the dog had been shaved down this week and that the skunk seems to have chosen dispersed general attack instead of targetted spray. Poor dog had to spend his first ever night outdoors (in crate in garage) and had I a crate large enough, husband would have done the same.

Seriously. You see skunk, you smell skunk. Don't you assume skunked?

Thank goodness the baking soda/ peroxide/ dish soap solution does work.


Anonymous said...

Ack! Our dog was sprayed by one a few winters back. They wanted to migrate through our yard for several years and lo! and behold! every fall/winter I'd waken to a horrific smell wafting INTO our house from OUTSIDE our house! Talk about powerful!!
Thankfully, they chose another place to migrate (or got hit on the can hope right???) :0)

Sue said...

Yes, the poroxide /baking soda mis is fantastic!
We had dogs sprayed a few times when we still lived in Canada and the mix is the best anybody ever came up with!They don't smell at all after you use it.
Cute picture...

frugalmom said...

I buy a product at Walgreens called Tecnu. It is for removing poison ivy oils but also works for skunk oils. You can use it to wash the dog, the laundry, everything, and it totally works. After the dog got in the house once after being skunked, we discovered it and now she just gets a bath outside late at night when she meets the skunk. I also have ways to remove the stink from the house walls and from the room in general. Skunks are no fun!

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