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Sunday, 5 October 2008
This weekend I decided to make something for our family. I realized that I am continually creating for others, but very little stays in our home either for our enjoyment, or for posterity. So, fighting a cold and feeling rotten, I curled up with some roving and needles and made my first playscape. It was so much fun, I doubt it will be my last!

I wanted to create a centerpiece for our nature table, something that could help us visualize the transitions of seasons. I naturally gravitated towards a tree, and began by creating a tree with a pipe cleaner armature (only the second time I have worked with an armature, I am glad I did!). Then I needed a setting for it, and using recycled wool as a base and stream, I created a forest setting for our tree.

Rowan wanted a cave and I wanted a nice big rock to sit on by the stream for watching the water, seasons and my own reflections float by. We collaborated on the stepping stone idea! There is room under the roots for gnomes to live and we are looking forward to decorating the playscape each season~ wildflowers and falling leaves, pumpkins, snowfall, hibernating bear, fairies and Christmas lights were all discussed as Rowan played with play dough and I felted the final portion today.

This was a real labour of love, and while there are things I would do differently next time, it was awfully nice to make something for us to keep!


mamakopp said...

You go mama! It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oooooo!!! Pretties!!!

I haven't gotten the guts to try a playscape, and yours are just so gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

I know, for some reason it is daunting! But it was a lot of fun ~ do it!

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