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Wednesday, 1 October 2008
So my daughter could attend the Serendipity School House preschool! Doesn't it look simply wonderful? I am sitting here yearning to be there.

We don't have many (and if you don't want to be on the highway for hours each day in our long winter~ any) educational options in our community. That is not to say our school isn't a good school, only that we find ourselves wishing we had alternative options for our daughter for the early years when tenderness and space to bloom are required.

As it is, next year will see the introduction of all day every day Junior Kindergarten~ meaning, if we choose to participate (JK is optional), Rowan would be days past her 4th birthday and going all day every day to school with one teacher who is responsible, alone for 15-20ish 3 and 4 year olds. The only way they can function is conformity. And that just doesn't sit well with my soul.

I have very few regrets about our choice of community, but the educational opportunities is one of them. I had been formulating a plan towards doing some part-time Montesorri for Rowan during the better travelling months, but with my husband's job loss, that one is out!

So the Serendipity School House (which I encountered in doing a custom order of playsilks this month) will continue to call to me, and I will continue to dream and watch for the path for our child and family (I'd love to say 'work for' but I have tested the waters on this one and the cheese stands alone around these parts!). So we will see!


mamakopp said...

come to Oregon!!! come to Oregon!!!

mamakopp said...

oh and my husband lost his job and it took almost 1.5 years to land one in this area. let me know what your husband does and I will keep an eye out for him. you would love it here. there are many opportunities for your littles and your creative spirit.

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