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Thursday, 27 November 2008
I have been working on and off between orders on completing a sculptural piece~ and it is done! It isn't quite where I intended it to go~ a mom had commented about needing a sculpture of her first thing in the morning fixing breakfast with a toddler hanging of her leg and a new baby on her hip... so i was headed in that direction, but no matter how I tried, this mama was determined to be calm, cool and collected.
I mean, I should have been able to sculpt frazzled mother, what with my truculent three year old these days, but nope. Maybe it i s something in the softness of the wool that calls out gentleness and connectedness, but here we go!
'Attached' is 100% wool, completely needlefelted. The mama is approximately 8" tall.
Wednesday, 26 November 2008
Well, not really, not in the witness protection kind of way, anyway!

With our achievement of 500 Etsy sales this month, I have thought long and hard about direction for our business lately. Ever in pursuit of balance for work, family and art/craft.

I love to dye things, but dyeing clothing requires hours of solitude (not my forte) in our basement, up to my elbows in chemicals. I love the results, but not the process. So I am giving it up. I am selling my precious blanks (so lovingly collected LOL) but keeping my dyes and a few things for Rowan for some day when the urge hits me again.
I am shifting my focus to the toys and expanding my range in felting to include more sculpture and playscapes~ more artsy sorts of things, along with the pretty and practical toys, including playsilks.

I wasn't sure how I felt about it, I mean, it doesn't close any doors, but it shifts focus more intentionally in the direction I was working towards, anyway. It means I am willing to see my self as an artist. Woah.

I ordered new business cards and postcards etc. (having, shockingly, used up the 1000+ that I had accumulated from a blitz in the spring). On these I omitted the clothing and broadened our tag line from 'For Wonder Full Little People" to "For Wonder Full People". They arrived today, and I love them. I feel GOOD about them and the change away from our starting point in clothing.

So watch for more new things in the New Year!
Many thanks to the Treasury creators who have used our items and carried us with their lovely picks to the Front Page in the last day or so!
Click each image to see it larger :)
Including our Nativity Set, created from the Holiday Gift GuidesIncluding our Hedgie wool balls, created by LaPellaPottery
Monday, 24 November 2008 can be absolutely breathtaking (and I am not talking about the cold air!).

We were up and about on Sunday morning when suddenly the light in our upper floor changed and became brilliant~ we peeked out the windows and this is what we found...
Sunrise over the hills, mist on the lake and ice beginning to form as snow sparkled in the trees.
I haven't been blogging much, busy, busy filling orders and it is a busy time/ season at work, too!
Only two weeks left before the sled dogs retire from their run to the US with our parcels ~ or at least that is what I believe. The Canada Post cutoff for Christmas arrivals is December 5th.
Wednesday, 19 November 2008
Just a little plug for the many wonderful, talented artists and moms who make up the Natural Kids Team on Etsy! There is a feature today in the Storque, Etsy's online magazine about this very cool team. We are pleased to see some of our little goodies in there! Yay!
There is also an attractive storefront with a gateway to many lovely shops for those who are still looking for the perfect, natural gift for the special little one(s) in their life.
Tuesday, 18 November 2008
We are collaborating with the blog kiddio to giveaway a set of 6 Fairy Silkies. Woohoo!
All you have to do is follow the link on over to kiddio and enter your comment to win!

You will get to choose which colour palette you want and the prize is totally free :)
'Cause you know you are gonna win, right?

We have added two new Palettes to our popular Rainbow and Mother Earth sets~ Landscape and Watercolour.

Fairy Silkies are 11" playsilks, perfect for tiny hands, travel, gnome bedding, learning colours and so, so much more. You can always find silk in stock at our Etsy shop, too.
Tuesday, 11 November 2008
I am so out of the blog groove right now, so please excuse another 'me' post.
I just thought I'd share some new balls we have in our Etsy shop.

Each ball is roughly 3" tall (a little smaller than a tennis ball). They are very firmly felted (wet felted with needle felted faces) and make wonderful indoor toys for active kids! Throw them, kick them, hit them. They do bounce (not like rubber, though!) and they are very lightweight.

The best thing about these little guys? If they get dirty, just tie them in an old sock and machine wash and dry! They will firm up a little more and be ready to go again!

Not recommended for children who still like to chew their toys.

We currently have Hedgehogs (boy or girl), giraffes, tigers, walruses, birds and pigs and we are open to suggestions!
Thursday, 6 November 2008
With the Nativity Sets finished, my world is opening up and I can felt some ideas I have been kicking around and wanting to try out! I love making toys, but this week have ventured in to some sculptural creations, too.
The first is a pregnant woman~ complete with real hips and curves!The next is a mermaid, Iara, and her child basking in the sun.
Each stands approx. 8" tall.
Sunday, 2 November 2008
Hallelujah! They are done!
128 pieces. Upwards of 10 pounds of wool. 200+ hours.
A lot of through and through needle jabs, blood, numb fingers and a sore neck, too!
The Nativity Sets (all 16 of them) are done and ready to go to their new homes!
You can see my progress here as well as the scope of the project.

All but 4 sets are spoken for, and these remaining four will go on sale this week at Hyena Cart.
Three will list at 1 PM on Wednesday the 5th here.
The final one will be up for auction at In Their Hands, here.
40 members of the Natural Kids Team on Etsy have banded together to create some team ads (Mothering, Living Crafts, Kiwi magazines) and the storefront is part of this collaboration! A wonderful spot to find wonderful, natural items for the kidlets.

Take a peek: NaturalKids Store
Saturday, 1 November 2008
I have been neglecting my blog.

Busy days, a trip to grandma's house, a broken toe and the Nativity Set crunch are all weighing me down.

I will be back!

I just wanted to mark my 400th Etsy sale (at 406 today) as it was a milestone I was looking forward to reaching by the end of October. I made just under 200 sales in my first year, and just over 200 in the 5 months since. My next goal is 500 sales by Christmas/ year end.

We have a big clearance section in our shop right now, trying to tidy up for the holidays!

And since this is a catch-all post, I'll throw in a gratuitous Halloween picture of our little spider ;)
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