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Thursday, 27 November 2008
I have been working on and off between orders on completing a sculptural piece~ and it is done! It isn't quite where I intended it to go~ a mom had commented about needing a sculpture of her first thing in the morning fixing breakfast with a toddler hanging of her leg and a new baby on her hip... so i was headed in that direction, but no matter how I tried, this mama was determined to be calm, cool and collected.
I mean, I should have been able to sculpt frazzled mother, what with my truculent three year old these days, but nope. Maybe it i s something in the softness of the wool that calls out gentleness and connectedness, but here we go!
'Attached' is 100% wool, completely needlefelted. The mama is approximately 8" tall.


Kathleen said...

She is beautiful Lori!

lori said...

wow. i think this is my favorite so far! beautiful!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Your pieces are so genuine and lovely. You have a way of putting so much feeling into your work. I love it!

Unknown said...

Thanks, I appreciate the kind words :)

Homeschooling Mama said...

Okay, you have sculpted my life every day! Beautiful work Lori!

Angela said...

Sooooo amazing!

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