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Wednesday, 26 November 2008
Well, not really, not in the witness protection kind of way, anyway!

With our achievement of 500 Etsy sales this month, I have thought long and hard about direction for our business lately. Ever in pursuit of balance for work, family and art/craft.

I love to dye things, but dyeing clothing requires hours of solitude (not my forte) in our basement, up to my elbows in chemicals. I love the results, but not the process. So I am giving it up. I am selling my precious blanks (so lovingly collected LOL) but keeping my dyes and a few things for Rowan for some day when the urge hits me again.
I am shifting my focus to the toys and expanding my range in felting to include more sculpture and playscapes~ more artsy sorts of things, along with the pretty and practical toys, including playsilks.

I wasn't sure how I felt about it, I mean, it doesn't close any doors, but it shifts focus more intentionally in the direction I was working towards, anyway. It means I am willing to see my self as an artist. Woah.

I ordered new business cards and postcards etc. (having, shockingly, used up the 1000+ that I had accumulated from a blitz in the spring). On these I omitted the clothing and broadened our tag line from 'For Wonder Full Little People" to "For Wonder Full People". They arrived today, and I love them. I feel GOOD about them and the change away from our starting point in clothing.

So watch for more new things in the New Year!


Monica said...

I am thrilled for you! (And slightly bummed for me..or my desire for tights You really are an artist Lori!!

Unknown said...

Aw, thanks Monica! I think I will do a bunch of tights after Christmas and I saved a box of goodies to dye for Rowan, too. And should someone ask me to guest somewhere... LOL

Kathleen said...

you've always been an artist in my books...we tend to under estimate ourselves don't we! Congratulations on staying grounded and doing what feel right to you! I will be posting a link to your blog on my felting blog since you are one of my favorite felt fellow canadian artist do you mind if I use a few of your pics to do that? Looking forward to seeing your new creations!

Unknown said...

By all means Kathleen! I'll have to snag you log, too, I haven't seen it!


BirchLeaf Designs - Wendy and Mojo said...

Just read your post Lori...You know, I have pondered not doing clothing for awhile now too! Especially so, when I did that last batch! I'm sure your biz will flourish as well as the artist in you!
Much Respect, Wendy

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