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Friday, 19 December 2008
It is almost here! One of my favourite parts of Christmas the last few years has been giving my family handmade gifts.
One of the challenges is the sheer volume of amazing things to choose from.
For my siblings I decided on a 'theme' for each of them to help me shop and I thought I'd share some of the cool shops I found in my travels.

My 30 year old sister has a thing for monkeys. On one hand she always loved her sock monkey and Curious George. On the other hand, when our mother had us pick a name for our 'a-hem' as little girls we chose monkey. And then my husband began calling our daughter Monkey as a nickname from birth and well, my sister has never been the same since. She is so conflicted.
And then I found *this* necklace~ the PERFECT gift for her! It fills me with glee! A couple other sock monkey items round out her gift.My 23 year old sister is the easiest, and given her recent years and ongoing plans as a traveller, I picked up a lovely pendant (I love this shop!) and a cool passport holder, as well as a couple tubes of tooth soap.

My 23 year old brother (yes, twins) is almost impossible. He is too cool for school . But I love a challenge. He also likes to party, and has a wickedly wonderful sense of humour. So I got him a tshirt 'Instruments of War' (despite his ban on anyone buying him clothing) and a mustache bottle opener/ keychain (for the young man who has everything!).

Trevor's mustache gift lead me to find some cool vinyl mirror mustaches for all of them (you know you need some!), and I am printing a small print of Rowan in a mustache for them, too. Ok, we are odd :) And yes, our true theme this Christmas is mustaches.

I'll share some of the handamde kid's goodies in another post :)

Go get your 'staches on!


Anonymous said...

What a fun and unique Christmas. I love the monkey pendant... I bet your sister did too!

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