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Wednesday, 14 January 2009
Why is it that most of the phrases expressing the severity of the cold are so vulgar? Perhaps because when you open the door and get slammed with super subzero temps (-28 C here today, not factoring windchill) all you can do is curse and spit obscenities?!

Today, we, along with much of the wider region, I believe, have entered the deep cold of January, deeper and colder than it has been for some years. The snow squeaks. The dog tips over in the yard with three paws held in the air and a pleading expression (insert vulgarities here at the thought of rescuing him!).

It may be:
Colder than a witches teat (in a brass bra).
Colder than a well diggers arse.
Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.
And so on...

But, it is also simply lovely to sit in the sunshine and hear the air crackle as the smoke hangs low over the ice fishing huts scattered across the lake and be thankful for the warmth we have and lengthening days. It makes one feel quite peaceful.

At least until you have to step outside again!


Anonymous said...

You make me laugh, I do love the look of winter, right after it snows when the pines are full and heavy with pure white snow. I like to have a nice hot cup of cocoa too.

thanks You made my morning.

Sue said...

Heheheh...jup, that's Canada!
I still love and miss winter though. Yes, you think I'm nuts and should be happy that I don't have to deal with it at this time, but I do miss the extrem cold and the snow. I like seasons!
Keep warm!
Sue :0)

Unknown said...

thanks :)
I have just been realizing that I don't dislike it. January is growing on me ~ slower pace, warming sun, time to relax a little indoors...

Kim Caro said...

so pretty yet it hurts to think of being there :)

Monica said...

Ok...I just spit my water. I answered your title with my click into your blog "colder than a witches teat in a brass bra" but never in 10 thousand years expected to read it here! :) Thank you for the giggles!
What does Ro think of all your snow? Em was in heaven when we were up to 2 feet of soft powder! The look of sheer joy in the faces of my babes made it worth it (almost)...though dh and I talked about the witch in hushed voices! ;)

Unknown said...

LOL Monica!
Ro is pretty keen on the snow (but we have had it for 3 months now and abut 2-3 more to go... so we'll see! And when there is so much it is too much for little legs to wade through, but we try.

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