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Thursday, 8 January 2009
We are still deep in snow, in fact, 'real' winter is just sort of settling upon us with the bright cold days and frigid starry nights of January. But I can't help thinking of spring!

In that spirit, we had fun today (Rowan was my advisor and 'model') spending an afternoon playing games and working on spring felted animals. It *is* early but we went with the mood!

Rowan likes to pick bits of roving for me to stab together for her, and since Daddy was at a meeting, we had a little stolen time to share in the week. She made a number of little felted bits for her toys (including the 'very old horses' who live in beaver dams~ as, I am told, all old horses do~ named Mess and Runny. I had to bite my lip when I overheard her talking about the damage Runny and Mess had made in the bathroom! Ick!) while I worked on new animal balls for spring. We debated on rabbit whiskers, but went whiskerless in the end.So this is the result of our afternoon, finished up between cleaning up after the horses and games of Candyland.


Sue said...

Oh, they are so cute!!!!
I just love your creations!
Have a wonderful warm day!

Monica said...

These are darling Lori!! Hum...planning Easter baskets early.... ;)

vmdesigns said...

oh my goodness i LOVE these! to cute! : )

The Decemberist said...

Those animal balls look extremely cute! I can't wait for spring to come!!! :)

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