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Thursday, 29 January 2009
I have said it before, and I'll say it again, imagination is an amazing thing.
A precious thing.
A bizarre thing.

I came home from work today at lunch to the following greeting from Rowan (age 3.5):
"Grandma Beaver! You are home!
I missed you!
Mommy and Daddy beaver are gone and I need you to help me get home to our dam in space."
Further questioning revealed that we were, in fact space beavers from the moon.
After which Rowan bit me, and then when I told her space beavers don't bite, she bit a chunk out of the cardboard box from her Hungry Hippos game.

That's my girl.
This morning we were tossing imaginary food to the beetles on Bug Mountain where lived (on the bed/mountain) the giant Daddy Beetle (the dog, Briar, looking very morose at his new title). And yesterday I was Mommy Bluebird to my young baby Bluebird named Advil.

Life is never, ever boring.
And if it is, we just slap our space beaver tails and go for a swim in the shark infested moon lake.


angela said...

Oh, I so love the imagination stage...which still happens from time to time for some of us. Maybe it's not a stage for creative people? What a good mommy to play too...

Feltalive said...

Such a great story, Lori. Einstein said it best - "Imagination is more important than knowledge"

When my little niece was 4 she wanted all kinds of astronaut and space stuff for Christmas - at the end of her letter to Santa she added one last wish - "and some space to put it all in." Kids are so amazing!

Thanks for sharing that, G-ma Spacebeaver!

Unknown said...

Wonderful quote, Kay! Thanks! What amazes em is we have all had this capacity!

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