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Friday, 23 January 2009
I seem to have a thing for hedgehogs.
So I am going with it... LOLWee hedgies are now available~ only 1" long, these little guys (and gals) are sweet all by themselves. But they can also be used as beads, pendants, stitched to a ponytail holder or added to a bobby pin, zipper pull or other accessory, too. They are just right for nature tables and tiny hands.Needlefelted and soft (no prickles).
Mated pairs available for Valentine's Day!


Tasha Early said...

too cute!!!

it looks like hedgehogs might be the new owls!! ha!

Anonymous said...

When my third child/second son (now almost 19) was in Waldorf Kindergarten his best friend the two years (and still very good friend though we live thousands of miles apart) was a little girl, and they referred to each other as Mr. and Mrs. Hedgehog... I can't tell you the memory this little bit of felting conjures up...

Unknown said...

What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing!

Oh, and BE~ I think I am behind the curve on this one~ hedgehogs were hot about a year ago LOL I just haven't let them go!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is delightful as are your felted creations!


Anonymous said...

i seriously love the felted families. what a darling idea. i also love the counting gnomes. i look forward to whatever you create next.....the hedgehogs are perfect for groundhog's day!

motheringlamere@gmail .com

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