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Saturday, 17 January 2009
Did it!
I could hardly wait to spin that spindle and after a few false starts (and a kid who kept standing on my drafted wool), I was off and spinning.
It's funny~ it is easy to do but clearly much more difficult to do well.

I used the natural fiber that came with the spindles (I started with the top whorl)~ I drafted it and then used a spin/park method to twist it. While I thought my twist was fairly consistent, once it was set (after 15 min. in hot water) and dried I definitely ended up with a 'thick and thin' yarn.

I did two lots of the natural fiber and then spun some green roving that is too bright for most of my felting projects.
I then painted the natural yarn in a pastel rainbow and ended up with some very pretty dreadlocks!

In the midst of my play, Rowan began picking bits of fiber (she often does when I am felting and rolls them into snakes) and declared she needed a stick. A stick with a round thing (accompanied by a swirling arm motion). A pretend one, or handmade-of-popsicle-sticks one wouldn't do, so she and I did a little spinning together (excuse my pj bottoms!). She makes an excellent 'parking attendant'!


Parallax said...

Oo, what fun. I've wanted to, but never have, tried spinning

Rebecca said...

Ahh, Beautiful! WTG!

Ok, You've given me the extra push to get up and actually do something with the yarn I spun.... sometime today... or this weekend, lol.

Piggy said...

Cute pictures! Looks like you gals are having fun! :)

Kathleen said...

Wow...good for you! That looks like so much fun and you certainly had such a great helper! I totally know what you mean about being drawn to spinning and yet torn because you don't need another craft and yet being pulled...I have yet to buy my spindle but now you really have me slipping...! Enjoy...and by the way I would live in my pj's if I could!

lori said...

the pj pants... no goofier than ones i wear. the birks with 2 different socks -- that's kinda funny! i love that rowan wanted to help, that's totally cute.

Unknown said...

Oh no! You noticed the socks! *blush* I have an ongoing battle with my husband who is supposed to fold and bring up the clean laundry and won't. If I did it I would have matching socks but lose the war!

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

First of all, I think that's the first time I've ever seen a picture of you. So nice to be able to put a face with such a wonderful blogger/artisan! :)

Secondly, how stinkin' CUTE is that?! That's so adorable that Rowan wanted to help. I'm sure Abbie would be the same way.

Have fun with your new toy! :)

P.S. I craft in my jammmies as well. *hehe*

lori said...

don't ask me why i noticed that. i have days like that, sometimes it's just not worth digging for a match! lol.

back on topic, can't wait to see what you spin up next!

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