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Sunday, 15 February 2009
For Valentine's Day Rowan and I wanted to make a cake and I wanted to try the method of making a colourful cake by adding food colouring to the batter. For this we needed a white cake so a boxed mix wouldn't work (many chocolate mixes are dairy free).

I am completely dairy intolerant and Rowan is finally having some dairy (and egg), but we limit it. I should try more alternatives, but I have gotten so used to being dairy free. Having found, finally (in Canada) a truly dairy free margerine alternative (President's Choice Lactose free version is also dairy protein free) we are still playing with it (does NOT work for shortbread!). Rather than risk it with icing, we used a can of Duncan Hines 'white' (not vanilla which has milk).

So armed with our dairy free margerine and soy milk and good ol' Betty Crocker's (1969) Starlight Yellow Cake recipe (I still prefer a book for recipes) we forged ahead and made a cake! Actually, we made two cakes because we planned to make cupcakes for a party and forgot to buy papers. So we made two small cakes instead (one for home celebrationa nd one for the drop in).Once the batter was mixed, we divided it into three bowls and coloured two (two different pinks) and then poured batter as usual, into our pans.Once baked and cooled (and luckily surviving Rowan's 'helpful' flipping of the heart cake from rack to plate by herself!) we iced and decorated and ate the leftover candies (of course!).(Yes, that is a tutu, boys fleece pj bottoms and a footbal jersey style shirt!)
Having not tried the recipe with milk/butter to compare, we really liked it! Moist (maybe a little too heavy) and lightly flavoured. I think the colour trick would work more effectively with greater contrast in the colours but it was fun and a nice treat!


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