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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Two bunnies met and fell in love... and a week later... (cue the cheesy slideshow!)

Reminds me of the trouble we always had with bunnies growing up. No one at our house was very good at determining the gender of a bunny. Everyone thought they knew the males from the females, and everyone thought everyone else had it wrong. Add to that a pair of primary aged twins who loved to cuddle the bunnies and then drop them back into whatever hutch was handiest.... and we ended up with a lot of bunnies.

The strangest occurrence was the mama bunny who had her babies, so my mother took out the other adult bunny who was rooming with her for the moment. About a week later, the baby bunnies were thriving and there was a bunch of new bunnies in the same cage. Somehow pregnant mama had come up with the goods for the not-hers newborns and then raised all the babies.

Or my pet bunny Emerson who went to university with me. He gradually became more and more vicious, up to and including chasing my screaming 8 year-old sister down the hall. When she leapt up on to a chair and then the kitchen table, the rabbit jumped on the chair behind before I finally caught him. (*insert Monty Python-esque 'run away! run away!'*) I called the vet, who said we could neuter him to calm the testosterone driven attacks, but the behaviour may stick. So he was sent, for everyone's safety, to a room-mate's farm. Where 'he', about 3 months later, became the proud mama of 'his' own little family.

Ah, rabbit love, is there anything sweeter?!
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FairiesNest said...

Wonderful story! I love the attack of the killer he/she bunny!

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