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Wednesday, 25 February 2009
While our 3.5 year old has us over a barrel this past week or so, and we are frazzled, frustrated and exhausted (boy this parenting gig is hard!), one bright light is the lovely sense of accomplishment when a big order is completed!
I'll take it where I can get it!An order of silkies, large and small and a couple of Twirligigs (tm) are on their way to the children's shop, Citizen Kid, in Hamilton, ON today.I always find packaging to be a challenge for in-store selling as we are committed to using as little extra packaging as possible (our online sales are pressed and sent out 'naked' in the re-used, resealable bags the blank silks come in). So a little raffia with a small hang tag attached on the back is the compromise.(The Twirligigs don't come with the kid, but believe me, if the buyer wanted her, I'd be happy to attach a little raffia and include her in the package for free today!)


Laura said...

LOL as cute as she may be you go ahead and keep her. I prefer my children as grown ups. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll trade and throw in two extra!

Gorgeous pics.

Monica said...

Hum...I may take her...Emma would love a playfriend. ;)

Hey, where can one acquire two twirligigis? I think they're perfect for Easter baskets! inappropriate as it is for me to word verification is restedho that again. I had to scroll up to share. I'm rofl....

Unknown said...

Niice one Monica LOL

So are you? rested?

Give me a shout, I have a fresh batch of twirlers ready to go :)
Three years old is so much harder than two was!

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