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Tuesday, 17 February 2009
OK, so it is really Rowan's, but after someone commented on the post previous to this that they wanted one for themselves, I tried to stake my claim to Sarah ~ to admit I bought her for me.

You see, Rowan has Puppy. Having watched her enjoy her time with Hope the Traveling Doll this past fall, I mistakenly thought she would like having a 'big girl' (ie not a baby) doll. But Puppy is a jealous master and while Hope was a visitor, when Sarah came to stay, Puppy got his nose out of joint.
I was *so* excited to gift Rowan with Sarah~ made with 'orange' hair (Ro's favourite colour), brown eyes and a weighted body so she can sit to play~ beautifully created by Joyce at Hillcountry Dollmaker. While she did allow the newly named Sarah (I even steered the name choice, I admit, because "Goggily" or "lummo" or whatever name Ro came up with would have been quite a handle~ witness her giant alligator Viggo and baby Lippy) to play Hungry Hippos with her on Christmas Day, by Christmas night she had shoved her to me and said "you can sleep with her mommy". Sad mommy moment.

I tried buying a new dress for Sarah. It fits Puppy perfectly.

And when I saw a little outfit on sale a while ago, I snagged it. It arrived today, and I actually had a fight with my 3.5 year old over whose dolly was going to wear the dress. I won. Rowan cried. I wasn't giving in. There was feet stamping. Not saying by whom. And yes, I was slightly embarrassed and it wasn't my best moment, but to be fair, the larger principle was that not everything in the house belongs to Puppy/ Rowan and sometimes other people get their way, too. Honest.
So, Sarah is my Waldorf doll now. Even though when I asked today Rowan only agreed to share her, and only if Puppy gets to wear the new outfit tomorrow. But if Rowan asks, or shows even a glimmer of interest, I'll give her back in a heartbeat!


Laura said...

That is it I am going doll shopping! I better make room for her before I buy her. Sarah is so pretty in her Mary Engelbreit dress. I love her red hair.

on a side note my verification word is plumspat ..... it just kinda made me shudder so I felt the need to share.

Unknown said...

Go Laura! LOL
ew, plumspat?!

hollyzhobby said...

Too sweet.

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